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Children's Speech Sound Disorders

Bowen, Caroline


3. Auflage August 2023
592 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-74311-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Children's Speech Sound Disorders

Concise, easy-to-understand overview of current practice in articulation disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, developmental dysarthria, phonological disorders, and structurally based speech sound disorders

Children's Speech Sound Disorders provides reader-friendly explanations of key aspects of the classification, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech sound disorders, with clinically applicable insights from 58 distinguished contributors who draw on their current work in the child speech field in providing expert essays.

This bestselling guide with international appeal includes case vignettes and relatable real-world examples to place topics in context. Children's Speech Sound Disorders also delivers information on:
* The evolution of current practices, working with families, telepractice innovations, and important new speech acquisition norms
* Phonetic, stimulability, perceptual, phonological, and motor-learning-based interventions, and facilitating phonological awareness development in children with speech sound disorders
* Treatment target selection, phonemic placement and shaping techniques, and goal attack strategies for a range of sounds including affricates, compensatory errors in cleft lip and palate, fricatives, /y/, and vowels
* Lifelong speech and psychological consequences of childhood apraxia of speech and measuring speech intelligibility in children with motor speech disorders
* Multilingualism, language variation, and the application of constraint-based nonlinear phonology across languages

Drawing on a range of theoretical, research and clinical perspectives and emphasising treatment fidelity, quality client care, and evidence-based practice, Children's Speech Sound Disorders comprises an indispensable collection of research-based clinical nuggets, hands-on strategies, thoughtful discussion, and inspiration for academics, clinicians, educators and students in speech-language pathology/speech and language therapy.

Caroline Bowen AM, PhD, is a semi-retired speech-language pathologist with 42 years' clinical experience. She is interested in evidence-based practice and research translation; implementation science; children's speech, language, and reading development and disorders; families' role in SLP/SLT intervention; applications of information and communication technology in allied health; and the impacts of science and pseudoscience on clinical and education practice. From 2005, Dr Bowen has delivered Continuing Professional Development events nationally in Australia and internationally in 20 countries to date.