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Communicating Effectively in the Workforce

Polack, Lisa



1. Auflage August 2020
144 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-74617-1
John Wiley & Sons

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If you do not understand how communication works, then you may become perplexed and frustrated by interactions in the workplace. However, if you understand how communication works, then you have a good chance of diagnosing and fixing communication problems. Best of all, you can influence and motivate your employees, make better decisions, negotiate more effectively, build better work teams, and accomplish business objectives. This book discusses the various forms of communication.

Chapter 1 1-1

Communication Basics 1-1

Apply the principle of Audience First! 1-4

Identify how learning and communication are linked 1-5

Three models of communication 1-8

References 1-15

Exercises and discussion questions 1-17

Chapter 2 2-1

Verbal Communication 2-1

Differentiate the components of the verbal competence model 2-6

Apply the concept of Verbal Judo 2-14

Chapter 2: Verbal Communication 2-17

References 2-18

Exercises and discussion questions 2-20

Chapter 3 3-1

Nonverbal Communication 3-1

Differentiate types of nonverbal communication 3-4

A culture that makes employees feel safe 3-6

Apply nonverbal competence 3-7

Chapter 3: Nonverbal Communication 3-9

References 3-10

Exercise 3-11

Chapter 4 4-1

Styles of Communication 4-1

Communicator style: Three approaches 4-2

Chapter 4: Styles of Communication 4-14

References 4-15

Exercises and discussion questions 4-17

Chapter 5 5-1

Listening 5-1

Recognize the significance and benefits of listening 5-2

Differentiate types of listening 5-7

Determine ways to listen more effectively 5-10

Keywords 5-14

References 5-15

Exercises and discussion questions 5-17

Chapter 6 6-1

Difficult Communication 6-1

Complex situations at work 6-2

Distinguish among difficult communication patterns 6-3

Apply coping techniques for difficult communication patterns 6-6

Identify and respond to verbal aggression and hostile communication patterns 6-8

Identify games played in the workplace 6-11

Vulgar, racist, and sexist communication 6-16

Keywords 6-17

References 6-18

Exercises and discussion questions 6-20

Glossary Glossary 1

Index Index 1

Solutions Solutions 1

Chapter 1 Solutions 1

Chapter 2 Solutions 2

Chapter 3 Solutions 3

Chapter 4 Solutions 4

Chapter 5 Solutions 6

Chapter 6 Solutions 7
Lisa Polack (Eureka, CA) has been teaching and writing curriculum for over 25 years in the areas of communication, management skills, and computer software skills. She has conducted courses for city, county, and federal governmental agencies, corporations, colleges, and AICPA. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada, and a Masters in Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University.