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The Climate City

Powell, Martin (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Juni 2022
544 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-74627-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Provides professionals in finance, technology, and consulting with solutions for improving the quality of urban life under the changing climate

The Climate City provides cutting-edge approaches for developing resilient solutions to combat the effects of climate change in cities throughout the world. Linking finance and technology to policy and innovation, this highly practical resource outlines a global framework for mitigating and adapting to climate change and for effectively planning and delivering a low-carbon future.

This book addresses how cities can work effectively with each other to drive change, the importance of strong leadership and international cooperation, the role of innovative finance and technology to identify new economic opportunities, and more. Throughout the book, the authors address future trends such as the changing streetscape, connected infrastructure and eMobility, and autonomous vehicles, drones, and other emerging technologies. Designed to help all stakeholders build a pathway to a less resource-intensive future, The Climate City:
* Provides in-depth discussion of the technological, financial, and practical aspects of tackling climate change in urban environments
* Demonstrates why the global economy needs to transition to a low-carbon economy
* Describes the role of financial institutions and how they can allocate capital more efficiently
* Explains why and how challenges and priorities are different in the global north and south
* Illustrates how data can improve the ways cities use energy resources and operate transportation systems
* Discusses how citizen action can drive a new, more meaningful way of living in cities
* Features insights from political leaders such as the Mayor of Copenhagen, the Mayor of Los Angeles and the former Mayor of London and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The Climate City is essential reading for city planners, policy makers, technologists, consultants, finance and business professionals, and general readers wanting to improve the cities in which they work and live.

Acknowledgements ix

Authors Biographies x

Introduction 1

Martin Powell

1 The Ambitious City - Introduction 21

1 The Ambitious City 22

Peter Boyd

2 The Civilized City - Introduction 38

2 The Civilized City 40

Martin Powell

3 The Emerging City - Introduction 57

3 The Emerging City 59

Austin Williams

4 The Sustainable City - Introduction 72

4 The Sustainable City 75

Patricia Holly Purcell

5 The Vocal City - Introduction 92

5 The Vocal City 94

Amanda Eichel and Kerem Yilmaz

6 The Governed City - Introduction 106

6 The Governed City 108

Bruce Katz and Luise Noring Copyrighted Material

7 The Decoupled City - Introduction 120

7 The Decoupled City 123

Leah Lazer and Nick Godfrey

8 The Responsible City - Introduction 139

8 The Responsible City 140

Justin Keeble and Molly Blatchly-Lewis

9 The Energized City - Introduction 155

9 The Energized City 157

Pete Daw

10 The Agile City (Part I) - Introduction 170

10 The Agile City (Part I) 172

Julia Thayne DeMordaunt

11 The Agile City (Part II) - Introduction 186

11 The Agile City (Part II) 188

Jonathan Laski

12 The Habitable City (Part I) - Introduction 197

12 The Habitable City (Part I) 201

Olivia Nielsen

13 The Habitable City (Part II) - Introduction 217

13 The Habitable City (Part II) 219

Nicky Gavron and Alex Denvir

14 The Resourceful City - Introduction 235

14 The Resourceful City 238

Conor Riffle

15 The Zero Waste City - Introduction 251

15 The Zero Waste City 253

Terry Tamminen and Peter Lobin

Contents vii

16 The Resilient City - Introduction 267

16 The Resilient City 270

Sarah Wray and Richard Forster

17 The Fragile City - Introduction 279

17 The Fragile City 282

John de Boer

18 The Data City - Introduction 289

18 The Data City 292

Seth Schultz and Eric Ast

19 The Measured City - Introduction 303

19 The Measured City 305

Patricia McCarney

20 The Smart City - Introduction 320

20 The Smart City 322

Noorie Rajvanshi

21 The Just City - Introduction 335

21 The Just City (Part I) 339

Hayley Moller

21 The Just City (Part II) 350

Jane Burston and Matt Whitney

21 The Just City (Part III) 357

Jenny Bates

22 The Invested City - Introduction 363

22 The Invested City 365

Colin le Duc

23 The Financed City - Introduction 376

23 The Financed City 378

James Close

24 The Adapted City - Introduction 391

24 The Adapted City 393

Adam Freed

25 The Open City - Introduction 406

25 The Open City 409

Peter Bishop

26 The Natural City - Introduction 421

26 The Natural City 423

Carlo Laurenzi

27 The Climate-Resilient City - Introduction 444

27 The Climate-Resilient City 446

Mauricio Rodas

28 The Green City - Introduction 458

28 The Green City 460

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen

29 The Powerful City - Introduction 470

29 The Powerful City 472

Mark Watts and Sarah Lewis

30 Epilogue 487

Martin Powell

Index 495
Martin Powell was the mayoral advisor on the environment to the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. As Managing Director of Cambridge Management & Research he was special advisor to The C40 Cities Group, Chaired by the former Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg. Martin is a Trustee of Heart of the City, a charity supporting responsible business across London. He has held several roles at Siemens including Global Head of Urban Development and is currently Head of Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives at Siemens Inc., with a focus on financing climate action.