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The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism

Hall, C. Michael (Herausgeber)

Blackwell Companions to Geography


2. Auflage Juli 2024
768 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-75374-2
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The first authoritative overview of tourism studies published post-COVID-19

The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism remains a definitive reference in this interdisciplinary field. Edited and authored by leading scholars from around the world, this state-of-the-art volume provides a comprehensive critical overview of tourism studies across the social sciences. In-depth yet accessible chapters combine established theories and cutting-edge developments and analysis, addressing a wide range of current and emerging topics, issues, debates, and themes.

The second edition of the Companion reflects the complexity of the changing field, incorporating new developments, diverse theories, core themes, and fresh perspectives throughout. New and revised chapters explore the organization and practice of tourism, pressing health, economic, social, and environmental challenges, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on tourism and the tourist industry, empowerment, placemaking, mindfulness and wellbeing, resident attitudes towards tourism, Chinese outbound tourism, public transport, long-distance walking, and more.
* Covers the full spectrum of tourism studies, including its connections to geography, sociology, urban studies, sustainability, marketing, management, globalization, and policy
* Outlines exciting new and emerging approaches, theoretical foundations, and major developments in tourism studies
* Offers perspectives on major topics including the role of tourism in the Anthropocene, global and local change, resilience, innovation, and consumer and business behavior
* Sets an agenda for future tourism research and reviews significant issues in theory, method, and practice
* Features new contributions from an international panel of younger scholars and established researchers

With a wealth of up-to-date bibliographic references and extensive coverage of the tourism-related literature, The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism, Second Edition, is required reading for undergraduate students, postgraduate researchers, lecturers, and academic scholars in tourism studies, tourism management, tourism geography, tourism theory, sociology, urban studies, and globalization, as well as professionals working in tourism and hospitality management worldwide.


Part 1 Introduction: Tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic

Tourism: Conceptualizations, Disciplinarity, Institutions, and Issues

Part 2 Perspectives on Tourism

1 Introduction: Perspectives on Tourism

2 Tourist Flows and Spatial Behavior

3 Tourism Motivations and Decision Making

4 Political Economy of Tourism: Regulation Theory, Institutions, and Governance Networks

5 Cultural Geographies of Tourism

6 Tourism Mobilities

7 Critical Perspectives on Tourism

Part 3 Producing Tourism and Tourism Spaces

Introduction: Producing Tourism and Tourism Spaces

8 Economic Geographies of Tourism Revisited: From Theory to Practice

9 Entrepreneurial Cultures and Small Business Enterprises in Tourism

10 Labor Mobility and Labor Market Structures in Tourism

11 Tourism and Development: From Development Theory to Globalization

12 Transport and Tourism

13 Tourism Innovation: Products, Processes, and People

14 Souvenirs, Tourists, and Tourism

Part 4 Globalizing People, Places, and Markets in Tourism

Introduction: Globalizing People, Places, and Markets in Tourism

15 Transnational Corporations and the Globalization of Tourism

16 Problematizing Place Promotion and Commodification

17 Urban Tourism and the Experience Economy

18 Tourism and Creative Economies

19 Mobilities, Ethnicity, and Tourism

20 GPS, Smartphones, and the Future of Tourism Research

21 New Territories in Information Technologies and Tourism Research

Part 5 Social Theories of Tourist Practice, Experience, and Landscapes Encounters

Introduction: Social Theories of Tourist Practice, Experience, and Landscapes Encounters

22 Landscapes of Tourism

23 Tourism After the Postmodern Turn

24 The Tourist Gaze 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

25 Gender and Feminist Perspectives in Tourism Research

26 Tourism and the Visual

27 Speaking Heritage: Language, Identity, and Tourism

28 Religion and Spirituality in Tourism

Part 6 Tourist Attractions: Places, Spaces, and Forms

Introduction: Tourist Attractions: Places, Spaces, and Forms

29 Material Culture and Contested Heritage in Tourism

30 Trends in Tourism, Shopping, and Retailing

31 Progress in Second-Home Tourism Research

32 Timing Tourism: MICE, Events, and Mega-Events

33 Taking Stock of Sport Tourism Research

34 Medical Tourism

35 Gay and Lesbian Tourism Practices

Part 7 Tourism and The Environment: Change, Impacts, And Response

Introduction: Tourism and the Environment: Change, Impacts, and Response

36 The Global Footprint of Tourism

37 Climate-Change Implications for Tourism

38 Coastal and Marine Tourism: Emerging Issues, Future Trends, and Research Priorities

39 Sociocultural Resilience and Tourism

40 Tourism and Tourists in Nature, National Parks, and Wilderness

41 Exploring the Precautionary Principle in an Environment and Tourism Context

42 The Sustainable Development of Tourism: A State-of-the-Art Perspective

Part 8 Tourism Policies, Planning, and Governance

Introduction: Tourism Policies, Planning, and Governance

43 Tourism and Public Policy: Contemporary Debates and Future Directions

44 Local Participation in Community Tourism: A Critical and Relational Assessment

45 Partnerships, Tourism, and Community Impacts

46 Tourism in the Development of Regional and Sectoral Innovation Systems

47 Critical Success Factors for Creating Community-Based Tourism

48 Strengthening Tourism-Poverty Linkages

49 Tourism Crises and Disasters: Moving the Research Agenda Forward

Part 9 Conclusions

50 Challenges for Tourism: Just Out of Sight or Just Within our Reach?
C. Michael Hall is Distinguished Professor of Marketing & Tourism, Department of Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. He is co-editor of Current Issues in Tourism and Field Editor of Tourism Geographies. He edits the Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism, and Mobility book series and has written or edited more than 90 books and 400 journal articles. His research interests include tourism, regional development, global environmental change, food, sustainability, degrowth, resilience, wilderness, and World Heritage.

C. M. Hall, University of Otago, New Zealand