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Health Promotion Programs

From Theory to Practice

Fertman, Carl I. / Grim, Melissa L. / Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) (Herausgeber)

Jossey-Bass Public Health/Health Services Text


3. Auflage Mai 2022
432 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-77088-6
John Wiley & Sons

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An incisive, up-to-date, and comprehensive treatment of effective health promotion programs

In the newly revised Third Edition of Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice, health and behavior experts Drs. Carl I. Fertman and Melissa Grim deliver a robust exploration of the history and rapid evolution of health promotion programs over the last three decades. The authors describe knowledge advances in health and behavior that have impacted the planning, support, and implementation of health promotion programs.

With thoroughly updated content, statistics, data, figures, and tables, the book discusses new resources, programs, and initiatives begun since the publication of the Second Edition in 2016. "Key Terms" and "For Practice and Discussion Questions" have been revised, and the authors promote the use of health theory by providing the reader with suggestions, models, boxes, and templates.

A renewed focus on health equity and social justice permeates much of the book, and two significant health promotion and education events- the HESPA ll study and Healthy People 2030- are discussed at length.

Readers will also find:
* A thorough introduction to health promotion programs, including the historical context of health promotion, settings and stakeholders for health promotion programs, advisory boards, and technology disruption and opportunities for health promotion.
* Comprehensive explorations of health equity and social justice, including dicussions of vulnerable and underserved population groups, racial and ethnic disparities in health and minority group engagement.
* Practical discussions of theory in health promotion programs, including foundational theories and health promotion program planning models.
* In-depth examinations of health promotion program planning, including needs assessments and program support.
Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students studying public health, health administration, nursing, and medical research, Health Promotion Programs: From Theory to Practice is also ideal for medical students seeking a one-stop resource on foundational concepts and cutting-edge developments in health promotion programs.



Part One: Health Promotion Program Foundations

Chapter 1- What are Health Promotion Programs?
Chapter 2- Health Promotion, Equity, and Social Justice
Chapter 3- Theory in Health Promotion Programs

Part Two: Planning Health Promotion Programs

Chapter 4- Assessing the Health Needs of a Defined Population
Chapter 5- Making Decisions to Create and Support a Program

Part Three: Implementing Health Promotion Programs

Chapter 6- Implementation Tools, Program Staff, and Budgets
Chapter 7- Advocacy
Chapter 8- Communicating Health Information Effectively
Chapter 9- Where Money Meets Mission: Developing, Increasing and Sustaining Program Funding

Part Four: Evaluating and Sustaining Health Promotion

Chapter 10- Evaluating and Improving Health Promotion Programs
Chapter 11- Using Big Data for Action and Impact
Chapter 12- Sustaining Health Promotion Programs

Part Five: Health Promotion Programs in Diverse Settings

Chapter 13- School Health Education: Promoting Health and Academic Success
Chapter 14- Promoting Health in Colleges and Universities
Chapter 15- Patient-Centered Health Promotion Programs in Healthcare
Chapter 16- Health Promotion Programs in Workplace Settings
Chapter 17- Promoting Community Health: Local Health Departments and Community Health Organizations

CARL I. FERTMAN, PhD., MBA, MCHES(r), is Associate Professor Emeritus of Health and Human Development at the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh. His expertise is in health promotion and health education programs planning, implementation, and evaluation.

MELISSA GRIM, PhD, MCHES(r), is Professor and Chair of the Department of Health and Human Performance at Radford University. Her expertise is in health behavior change, program planning, and evaluation.