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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Parrino, Robert / Kidwell, David S. / Bates, Thomas / Gillan, Stuart L.


5. Auflage November 2021
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-79538-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 5th Edition develops the key concepts of corporate finance with an intuitive approach while emphasizing computational skills. This course helps students develop an intuitive understanding of key financial concepts and provides them with problem-solving and decision-making skills. Using an intuitive approach, students develop a richer understanding of corporate finance concepts while also enabling them to develop the critical judgments necessary to apply financial tools in real-world decision-making situations. Corporate Finance, 5e offers a level of rigor that is appropriate for both business and finance majors and yet presents the content in a manner that students find accessible.

1. The Financial Manager and the Firm

2. The Financial System and the Level of Interest Rates

3. Financial Statements, Cash Flows, and Taxes

4. Analyzing Financial Statements

5. The Time Value of Money

6. Discounted Cash Flows and Valuation

7. Risk and Return

8. Bond Valuation and the Structure of Interest Rates

9. Stock Valuation

10. The Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting

11. Cash Flows and Capital Budgeting

12. Evaluating Project Economics

13. The Cost of Capital

14. Working Capital Management

15. How Firms Raise Capital

16. Capital Structure Policy

17. Dividends, Stock Repurchases and Payout Policy

18. Business Formation, Growth, and Valuation

19. Financial Planning and Managing Growth

20. Options and Corporate Finance

21. International Financial Management

Appendix A Future Value and Present Value Tables

Appendix B Solutions to Odd Problems

Appendix C The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Implication for Cash Flow to Investors, the Cost of Capital, and Capital Structure