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Mastering Structural Heart Disease

de Marchena, Eduardo J. / Gomez, Camilo A. (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Februar 2023
672 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-80781-0
John Wiley & Sons

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In Mastering Structural Heart Disease, a team of distinguished experts in interventional cardiology deliver a complete and robust explanation of nearly all present-day structural heart disease devices, their appropriate uses, and technical tricks to help ensure treatment success. The text is written in a Socratic, "question-and-answer" format which is designed to help readers absorb and retain knowledge. Online clinical cases and vignettes supplement the material in the book, providing a comprehensive overview of the subject.

The authors combine the latest techniques, devices, clinical research trials, future directions, and innovation ideas into a single, practical, and accessible study and practice resource. From transcatheter valvular interventions, interventions for selected adult congenital structural diseases, and a variety of other cardiac disorders that require intervention, readers will find coverage of the treatment of virtually every structural disease they're likely to encounter in practice. They'll also find:
* A thorough introduction to structural interventions for the aortic valve, including the natural history, hemodynamic assessment and transcatheter interventions
* Comprehensive explorations of structural interventions for the mitral valve, including imaging assessment and procedural planning with dedicated imaging tools prior to mitral valve edge to edge repair and transcatheter mitral valve replacement
* Practical discussions of structural interventions for the tricuspid and pulmonic valves, including intraprocedural imaging, devices and techniques
* Extensive treatments of structural interventions for the left atrial appendage and management of perivalvular leaks
* Complete discussion of the latest devices and techniques for pulmonary embolism interventions, renal denervation and mechanical support for structural interventions

Perfect for interventional cardiologists, general cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons, Mastering Structural Heart Disease will also earn a place in the libraries of fellows in training and internists seeking a comprehensive guide to the management of structural heart disease.

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Part I Structural Interventions for the Aortic Valve

1. Natural History and Hemodynamic assessment of aortic valvular disease

2. Pathology Insights of Aortic Valve Disease

3. The Top Ten Clinical Trials in Patients Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: The Evolution of a Transformative Therapy into Clinical Practice

4. Present and Future Generation Transcatheter Valves

5. Computed Tomography for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Planning - Current Perspectives and Future Directions

6. Optimal Selection of TAVR Devices

7. Transfemoral TAVR step by step (Balloon Expandable and Self Expandable Valves)

8. Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty: Current Clinical Role and Technical Aspects

9. Challenging anatomy scenarios in TAVR

10. TAVR for the Bicuspid Aortic Valve

11. TAVR for Pure Native Valve Aortic Regurgitation

12. Aortic Valve in Valve Interventions

13. Prevention and Management of Coronary Occlusion in TAVR

14. Coronary artery disease and TAVR: Timing and patient selection for coronary intervention in patients that are planned for TAVR

15. Conduction Disturbances Associated with TAVR: Clinical impact and Techniques to Minimize

16. Management of conduction disturbances post Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement(TAVR)

17. TAVR mechanical complications prevention and management

18. Pathological insights of TAVR degeneration and thrombosis

19. Clinical Implications of Valve Thrombosis and early thickening: (Management of Antiplatelets and Anticoagulation post TAVR)

20. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement and Stroke

21. Current Evidence Of Neuroprotection In TAVR

22. Difficult Transfemoral Access for TAVR and Bailout Techniques

23. Alternative Access for TAVR

24. Vascular Access, Complications and Closure Options for TAVR

PART II Structural Interventions for the Mitral Valve

25. Natural History of Mitral Valve Disease

26. Hemodynamic Assessment of the Mitral Valve

27. Echocardiographic Assessment Prior to Mitral Valve Edge to Edge Repair

28. Intra procedural TEE for Mitral Valve Structural Interventions

29. Surgical Trials for Mitral Valvular Diseases

30. Surgical Techniques for Mitral Valve Repair

31. Structural Interventions for Mitral Stenosis

32. Transcatheter Edge To Edge Repair Trials : The EVEREST and COAPT Trials

33. TEER - The MitraClip Procedure

34. Transcatheter Edge to Edge Repair Challenging Anatomy & MitraClip Tips and Tricks

35. MitraClip complications : Prevention and Management

36. CT Imaging for TMVR

37. Transcatheter Mitral Valve in Valve ; Valve in MAC and Valve in Ring

38. Transcatheter Mitral Valve in Valve : Technical Considerations and Step by Step

39. Transeptal systems for TMVR and Transcatheter Devices for Mitral Annuloplasty

40. Tethered Self Expanding TMVR Systems (Tendyne)

41. Self Expanding TMVR systems. Intrepid Valve

PART III Structural Interventions for the Tricuspid Valve

42. Natural History and hemodynamic assessment of Tricuspid Valve Diseases

43. Indications and Outcomes for Surgical Tricuspid Valve Repair

44. Intraprocedural Imaging for Tricuspid Valve Interventions

45. Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Devices Landscape

46. Progress in Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve Replacement

47. Tricuspid Valve in Valve and Valve in Ring

48. Heterotopic Caval valve implantation (CAVI)

PART IV Structural Interventions for Management of Perivalvular Leaks

49. Aortic PVL Closure: Techniques and Devices for Surgical and Transcatheter Prosthesis

50. Mitral Perivalvular Leak Closure: Imaging and Interventional Approaches

PART V Left Atrial Appendage Closure

51. Current indications of LAA closure

52. Imaging for LAA interventions

53. Devices for Left Atrial Appendage Closure

54. LAA Technique and Challenging Scenarios

55. Preventing and Managing Complications of LAA Closure

56. Natural History of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

57. Alcohol Septal Ablation in HCM

58. Transcatheter Edge to Edge Repair for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

59. Interatrial Shunt Creation

PART VII Selected Adult Congenital Structural Interventions

60. Shunts Hemodynamics and Calculations

61. PFO Closure

62. ASD Closure

63. VSD Closure

64. Percutaneous Treatment of Aortic Coarctation

65. Pulmonic Valve Interventions

PART VIII Miscellaneous

66. Hemodynamic Pearls in Adult Structural Heart Disease

67. Closure of Coronary Artery Fistulas

68. Renal Denervation

69. Acute Pulmonary Embolism Interventions: Data and Indications

70. Acute pulmonary embolism intervention: Devices and Techniques

71. ECMO for Structural Interventions

72. Best Practices for Mechanical Circulatory Support with Impella for Acute Myocardial Infarction Cardiogenic Shock and Selected Structural Interventions

73. Transcatheter Interventions for Aortic Valve Insufficiency in Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)


EDUARDO J. DE MARCHENA, MD, is Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Director of Eberhard Grube International Structural Heart Disease Training Program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, United States.

CAMILO A. GOMEZ, MD, is an Interventional Cardiologist at the Jackson Memorial Health System and a Voluntary Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, United States.