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Threats to Springs in a Changing World

Science and Policies for Protection

Currell, Matthew J. / Katz, Brian G. (Herausgeber)

Geophysical Monograph Series


1. Auflage Dezember 2022
240 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-81859-5
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Documents the declining quality and quantity of springs around the world and efforts to preserve, protect, and restore them.

Anthropogenic causes, including climate change, have been degrading springs around the world. Changes in spring water quality and flow impact human health, cultural values, ecology, and livelihoods.

Threats to Springs in a Changing World: Science and Policies for Protection presents a range of international studies illustrating the causes of spring degradation and strategies being used to safeguard springs both now and for the future.

Volume highlights include:
* Examples of threatened springs in diverse hydrogeologic settings
* Innovative methods and tools for understanding the hydrogeology of spring systems
* Current policy and governance approaches for alleviating damage to springs
* Different approaches to management of springs
* A call for practitioners, policy makers, scientists, and the public to work together

The American Geophysical Union promotes discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity. Its publications disseminate scientific knowledge and provide resources for researchers, students, and professionals.

"The audience for this book is researchers, educators, and natural resource managers working to conserve dug pits, trenches, and shallow bores. In doing so, it extends the reach of the book, but readers should also be prepared to encounter discussions of features and environments that differ from their own conceptualization of a spring." --Groundwater, Nov/Dec 2023

List of Contributors vii

Preface xi

1 Protecting Springs in a Changing World Through Sound Science and Policy 1
Matthew J. Currell and Brian G. Katz

Part I Threats to Springs and Their Values

2 Assessing Pollution and Depletion of Large Artesian Springs in Florida's Rapidly Developing Water-Rich Landscape 9
Robert L. Knight and Angeline Meeks

3 Regional Passive Saline Encroachment in Major Springs of the Floridan Aquifer System in Florida (1991-2020) 19
Rick Copeland, Gary Maddox, and Andy Woeber

4 Karst Spring Processes and Storage Implications in High Elevation, Semiarid Southwestern United States 35
Keegan M. Donovan, Abraham E. Springer, Benjamin W. Tobin, and Roderic A. Parnell

5 Nitrogen Contamination and Acidification of Groundwater Due to Excessive Fertilizer Use for Tea Plantations 51
Hiroyuki Ii

6 Springs of the Southwestern Great Artesian Basin, Australia: Balancing Sustainable Use and Cultural and Environmental Values 69
Gavin M. Mudd and Matthew J. Currell

Part II Methods, Tools, and Techniques to Understand Spring Hydrogeology

7 Environmental Tracers to Study the Origin and Timescales of Spring Waters 87
Axel Suckow and Christoph Gerber

8 Assessment of Water Quality and Quantity of Springs at a Pilot-Scale: Applications in Semiarid Mediterranean Areas in Lebanon 111
Joanna Doummar, Marwan Fahs, Michel Aoun,Reda Elghawi, Jihad Othman, Mohamad Alali, and Assaad H. Kassem

9 Uncertainties in Understanding Groundwater Flow and Spring Functioning in Karst 131
Francesco Fiorillo, Mauro Pagnozzi, Rosangela Addesso, Simona Cafaro, Ilenia M. D'Angeli, Libera Esposito, Guido Leone, Isabella S. Liso, and Mario Parise

10 The Great Subterranean Spring of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and the Potential Impact of Subsurface Urban Heat Islands 145
Greg Brick

Part III Policy and Governance Approaches for the Protection of Springs

11 Community-Based Water Resource Management: Pathway to Rural Water Security in Timor-Leste? 157
Tanja Rosenqvist, George Goddard, Jack Nugent, Nick Brown, Eugenio Lemos, Elsa Ximenes, and Aleixo Santos

12 Setting Benthic Algal Abundance Targets to Protect Florida Spring Ecosystems 171
Robert A. Mattson

13 Protecting Springs in the Southwest Great Artesian Basin, Australia 181
Mark Keppel, Anne Jensen, Melissa Horgan, Aaron Smith, and Simone Stewart

14 Patterns in the Occurrence of Fecal Bacterial Indicators at Public Mineral Springs of Central Victoria, 1986-2013 199
Andrew Shugg

15 Towards a Collective Effort to Preserve and Protect Springs 209
Brian G. Katz and Matthew J. Currell

Index 213
Matthew J. Currell, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Brian G. Katz, Environmental Consultant, USA

M. J. Currell, RMIT University, Australia