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Teaching Your Kids New Math, K-5 For Dummies

Jamsa, Kris


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384 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-119-86709-8
John Wiley & Sons

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Help your child unlock their math potential with this intuitive guide to teaching new math

Teaching Your Kids New Math, K-5 For Dummies makes it easy to understand the new math being taught to students in kindergarten to Grade 5, showing parents and guardians how to help their kids with the new methods and concepts that have been introduced since they finished school.

You'll discover the math-teaching basics you need to help your kids with their math homework while becoming familiar with the grids, arrays, diagrams, and arrows that math students use today. You'll also get:
* A step-by-step walkthrough for teaching young students essential math concepts, even if you think you're not a "math person"
* Best practices, example problems, and tips and tricks about specific math topics that will help your youngster move forward
* Ways to avoid common and typical math pitfalls and frustrations that trap math students and teachers

Full of real-world examples and applications, Teaching Kids New Math, K-5, For Dummies is your essential companion to helping your child master their math assignments and have fun while you're doing it!

Introduction 1

Part 1: Laying Down the Basics with Kindergarten Math 5

Chapter 1: Unleashing Your Inner Math Teacher 7

Chapter 2: Knowing the Number Names 1 to 9 13

Chapter 3: Moving on up to 20 21

Chapter 4: Comparing Numbers: Understanding More and Less 31

Chapter 5: Understanding Positions, Sorts, and Categorization of Objects 41

Chapter 6: Getting Specific about Size and Shape 49

Chapter 7: Adding and Subtracting the Numbers 1 through 10 61

Part 2: Figuring Out First Grade Math 79

Chapter 8: Adding and Subtracting through 100 without Regrouping 81

Chapter 9: Pairing Numbers with Telling Time 97

Chapter 10: Getting a Feel for Fractions 111

Chapter 11: Introducing Charts, Graphs, and Word Problems 121

Part 3: Advancing with Second Grade Math 131

Chapter 12: Starting to Do Math in Their Head 133

Chapter 13: Having Some Fun with Money and Calendars 149

Chapter 14: Revisiting Fractions 157

Chapter 15: Adding and Subtracting with Regrouping 165

Part 4: Tackling Third Grade Math 181

Chapter 16: Introducing Basic Multiplication and Division 183

Chapter 17: Multiplying and Dividing Large Numbers 199

Chapter 18: Going Deeper with Charts, Fractions, and Word Problems 217

Part 5: Focusing on Fourth Grade Math 233

Chapter 19: Mixing and Matching Operations 235

Chapter 20: Understanding Factors through 100 and Numbers through 1,000,000 239

Chapter 21: Pressing on with Even and Odd Numbers and Number Patterns 247

Chapter 22: Doing Math with Multi-digit Numbers 251

Chapter 23: Going Deeper with Fractions 273

Part 6: Advancing to Fifth Grade Math 283

Chapter 24: Interpreting Mathematical Expressions 285

Chapter 25: Revisiting Fractions, One More Time 293

Chapter 26: Knowing the Point of Decimals 303

Chapter 27: Looking at Lines, Angles, Areas, and Perimeters 317

Part 7: The Part of Tens 331

Chapter 28: Top Ten Things to Remember about Teaching Your Child Math 333

Chapter 29: Ten Next Steps in Your Child's Education 337

Index 341
Dr. Kris Jamsa is the author of 115 books on computing and education. He holds eight college degrees, which include a PhD in Computer Science, a PhD in Education, and a Masters in Education with a focus on multiple intelligences. Jamsa was the founder of the Head of the Class series, an e-learning portal for kindergarten through fifth grade.