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Architects' Data

Neufert, Ernst (Herausgeber)


6. Auflage August 2023
656 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-87394-5
John Wiley & Sons

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An indispensable tool for the initial stages of designing and planning a building project

This new edition of the classic bestselling text provides, in one concise volume, the essential information needed as the basis for the more detailed design and development of any building project. Organized largely by building type, it covers the planning criteria and considerations of function and location--and with over 6200 diagrams, it provides a mass of data on spatial requirements.

Most of the featured illustrations are dimensioned and each building type includes plans, sections, site layouts and design details. The book also includes an extensive bibliography and detailed set of metric/imperial conversion tables.

Architects' Data, 6th Edition starts with the basics of designing for a new building project, before moving on to covering everything an architect needs to know. It also looks at the design styles and specifications for creating different types of structures, such as those made for residential, commercial, religious, cultural, sports, medical and other types of occupation.
* Sixth English edition of the classic, international reference for architects
* Covers user requirements, planning criteria, basic dimensions, and considerations of function and siting
* Includes numerous examples and over 6200 illustrations and tables

New in the Sixth Edition:
* Updated sections on lighting, stairs and lifts, energy performance certificates and fire protection
* New sections on electric charging stations, beekeeping and newsrooms, and tiny houses
* Additional sections on sustainable building materials added to relevant chapters

Architects' Data is an excellent resource for architects, building surveyors, space planners, and design and building contractors everywhere.

Foreword ix

Preface x


Abbreviations and symbols 1

Units 2

Drawings 4

Accessible Building 21

Dimensional Basics and Relationships 27

Visual Perception 37


Design 40

Materials and Design 44

Design 52

Sustainable Building 53

Certification 55

Facility Management 56

Refurbishment 58

Design and Construction Management 64


Foundations 75

Walls 83

Floor Slabs 89

Roofs 94

Windows 105

Glass 113

Doors 122

Stairs 129

Escalators 135

Moving Walkways 136

Lifts 137


Renewable Energy 143

Building Physics 149

Daylight 166

Artificial Lighting 177

Lighting 183

Fire Protection 188

Domestic Installation 198

Supply and Disposal 212

Chimneys and Ventilation Shafts 219


Roads 222

Parking Facilities 231

Public Transport 247

Railways 252

Aviation 259


Cemeteries 265

Landscape Architecture 268

Trees 269

Urban Trees 270

Earthworks 271

Garden Enclosures 273

Pergola and Trellis 275

Paths, Paving, Steps 278

Drainage 279

Vegetation 280

Biological Engineering 282

Greenhouses 284

Ponds and Pools 286

External Works - Example 289


Basics 290

Urban Development 293

Access 294

Residential Buildings 298

Floor Plan Concepts 299

Rooms 312


Basics 331


Student Residences 336

Elderly People's Accommodation 337

Hotels 340

Catering 346

Youth Hostels 356

Holiday/Weekend Homes 357

Camping 358


Children's Daycare 359

Playgrounds 362

Schools 364

Universities and Colleges 375

Libraries 384


Christian Churches 390

Synagogues 394

Mosques 396


Museums and Art Galleries 399

Theatres 403

Concert Halls 413

Cinemas 416

AV Studios 421

Circus 423

Zoos 424


Stadiums 427

Sports Facilities 430

Sports Halls 460

Swimming Pools 472

Spa 482

Amusement Arcades 485


Basics 486


Office Buildings 493

High-Rise Buildings 507

Parliamentary Buildings 510

Banks 513


Retail Outlets 514


Industry 522

Workshops 531


Farmyards 542

Animal Husbandry 548


Doctors' Practices 558

Hospitals 559
In the BSc year 1 modules of Graphic Skills and in Introducing Urban Design. We have a target of 50 students per year, but student numbers have increased in the last few years to 60s, and 80s this current year. We do not have compulsory reading, we provide indicative reading lists. This book is one which is very much used in tutorials and as a reference to explain and expand the understanding of scale in built environment project proposals. The proposed changes look up to date. There are sections which I look forward to see details of, such as ?transport? and ?urban development?, in particular if there will be reference to different sized urban areas (from small towns to megacities), historic towns vs planned new towns, infill development and degrees of public/privateness of open space. In past years, our VLE was used simply as a repository of references. This year was 100% online, with digital customised resources and extracts of textbooks provided by the library, and although I have been in maternity and sabbatical leave, I know colleagues have used a combination of blended activities through synchronous group and individual tutoring and asynchronous lecturing. -Elisabete Cidre, University College London I was introduced to Neufert in university where it was on the reading list, and still rely upon it, and the Metric Handbook, today. Neufert goes into more depth than other books. Another resource I like is from RIBA, they offer a set of small pocket-sized books which provide checklists and other details that I can use while on a site or at a client. I would love to see links to suppliers, and codes or regulations, especially docs that are ?digital native? ? 16x9 resolution, for example. Digital content can focus on the high-level topics, and let me drill into the details that I need. Updated content about sustainability is important. [Ed note: Although we have only print rights to Neufert, we will consider the above digital content insights in other product development.] - Justin Nicholls, Fathom Architects, London
Ernst Neufert (15 March 1900 -- 23 February 1986) was a German architect and assistant to Walter Gropius at the Bauhaus. He taught at the Bauhochschule and Darmstadt University of technology, and opened his own practice, Neufert and Neufert, in 1953.

E. Neufert, Architect, Germany