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Long-term Conditions in Adults at a Glance

Mitchell, Aby / Hill, Barry / Peate, Ian

Wiley Series on Cognitive Dynamic Systems


1. Auflage August 2023
160 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-87587-1
John Wiley & Sons

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The go-to textbook for the treatment and management of long-term and chronic conditions in adults

In Long-term Conditions in Adults at a Glance, a team of distinguished health and social care professionals deliver concise and engaging contemporary knowledge about health disorders. This healthcare textbook will appeal to both students and registered health and social care professionals. The format offers key information via figures and tabulated content appealing to visual learners

Readers will also find:
* A thorough introduction to the sociological factors associated with long-term conditions, including environmental, housing, and lifestyle factors
* Comprehensive explorations of patient education and self-management, including behaviour change, health education, and patient responsibility
* Practical discussions of a variety of long-term conditions, including arthritis, cancer, liver disease, and epilepsy
* Evaluations of the treatments and management of long-term conditions, including the use of evidence-based practice and chronic pain management

Perfect for student nurses, trainee nursing associates and busy healthcare practitioners, Long-term Conditions in Adults at a Glance will also be of value to registered health and care professionals working in acute and primary care.

List of Contributors


Part 1 Long-Term Conditions Sociological Factors

1 Determinants of Health

Daniela Blumlein, Ian Griffiths

2 Health Inequalities

Ian Peate

3 Environmental Factors

Giuseppe Leontino

4 Housing

Ian Peate

5 Public Health

Ian Peate

6 Lifestyle Factors

Ian Peate

7 Socioeconomic Status

Ian Peate

8 Holistic Needs Assessment

Ian Peate

Part 2 Patient Education and Self-Management

9 Behavioural Change

Barry Hill

10 Health Education

Pamela Arasen

11 Patient Responsibility

Ian Peate

12 Self-Care and Self-Management

Barry Hill

13 Effectively Supporting Carers

Rachael Betty

14 Empowerment in Long-Term Conditions

Sara Tavares

15 Experts by Experience

Sue Tiplady

Part 3 Long-Term Conditions

16 Alcohol Dependency

Letitsia Wedderburn and Helen Phillips

17 Anorexia Nervosa

Tichaona Mubaira

18 Arthritis

Emily Ashwell

19 Asthma

Barry Hill

20 Angina

Barry Hill

21 Anxiety

Louise Lingwood

22 Atrial Fibrillation

Barry Hill

23 Bipolar Affective Disorder

Vishal Jugessur and Angela Childs

24 Bulimia Nervosa

Tichaona Mubaira and Lucy Saunders

25 Bronchiectasis

Barry Hill

26 Cancer

Ian Peate

27 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Roberta Borg

28 Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Aby Mitchell

29 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Barry Hill

30 Coronary Artery Disease

Sadie Diamond-Fox

31 Chronic Liver Disease

Sadie Diamond-Fox

32 Depression

Sarah Bisp and Louise Lingwood

33 Diabetes Mellitus Type 1

Charlotte Gordon

34 Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Charlotte Gordon

35 Dual Diagnosis

Letitisia Wedderburn and Daren Bailey

36 Diverticular Disease

Claire Ford and Laura Park

37 Epilepsy

Ian Peate

38 Heart Failure

Barry Hill

39 HIV

Ian Peate

40 Hypertension

Barry Hill

41 Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Claire Ford

42 Multiple Sclerosis

Barry Hill

43 Parkinson's Disease

Kelley Storey and Annette Hand

44 Peripheral Arterial Disease

Aby Mitchell

45 Psoriasis

Ian Peate

46 Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jane Douglas and Karl Nicholl

47 Sickle Cell

Barry Hill

48 Schizophrenia

Reuben Pearce and Helen Robson

49 Vascular Dementia

Ian Peate

50 Viral Hepatitis

Ian Peate

51 Visual Impairment

Caitlin Gallon and Claire Ford

Part 4 Management of Long-Term Conditions

52 Frameworks of Care Delivery - New Ways of Working

Barry Hill

53 Evidence-Based Practice

Claire Anderson

54 Leadership and Management

Barry Hill

55 Chronic Pain Management

Claire Ford and Laura Park

56 End-of-Life Care

Jemma McCann and Sara Sinclair

57 Advanced Care Planning

Sarah Sinclair
Aby Mitchell, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing, and Professional Lead for Simulation and Immersive Technologies, University of West London, UK. Aby started her nursing career in 1998 in her local general hospital, working as a staff nurse within a burns and plastics and head and neck cancer unit. In 1999, she moved into district nursing and developed a special interest in tissue viability and palliative care. Aby has worked in Higher Education since 2014, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is now professional lead for simulation and immersive technologies at the University of West London.

Barry Hill, Assistant Professor, Critical Care, Advanced Clinical Practice, Nursing Science. Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Employability, Northumbria University, UK. Barry has been a Registered Nurse for almost 20 years and is skilled in clinical and Higher Education in subjects of acute, critical care, and advanced clinical practice. He worked in general, cardiac and neuro trauma Intensive Care Units at Imperial College NHS trust and progressed from staff nurse to charge nurse, senior change nurse, to surgical and ENT matron. He is a certified Advanced Practitioner (MSc), and Independent Prescriber (v300). His key areas of interest are acute and critical care, clinical skills, pharmacology, and advanced level practice. Barry has published widely in journals, has edited books, written peer reviewed journal articles. He is a Senior Fellow with AdvanceHE, a clinical and commissioning Editor for the British Journal of Nursing (BJN), and a consultant Editor for the International Journal for Advancing Practice (IJAP).

Ian Peate OBE FRCN is Programme Director University of Glasgow Singapore; Visiting Professor of Nursing, St George's University of London and Kingston University London; Visiting Professor, Northumbria University; Honorary Professorial Fellow Roehampton University; Visiting Senior Clinical Fellow, University of Hertfordshire, and Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Nursing.

B. Hill, Northumbria University, UK; I. Peate, University of Hertfordshire, UK