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Multiphase Transport of Hydrocarbons in Pipes

Manzano-Ruiz, Juan J. / Carballo, Jose G.


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ISBN: 978-1-119-88851-2
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Multiphase Transport of Hydrocarbons in Pipes

An introduction to multiphase flows in the oil and gas industry

The term 'multiphase flow' refers to the concurrent flow of oil and/or gas, alongside other substances or materials such as production water, chemical inhibitors, and solids (e.g. sand). This is a critical topic in the oil and gas industry, where the presence of multiple flow phases in pipelines affects deliverability, generates serious complications in predicting flow performance for system design and operation, and requires specific risk mitigation actions and continuous maintenance. Chemical and Mechanical Engineers interested in working in this industry will benefit from understanding the basic theories and practices required to model and operate multiphase flows through pipelines, wells, and other components of the production system.

Multiphase Transport of Hydrocarbons in Pipes meets this need with a comprehensive overview of five decades of research into multiphase flow. Incorporating fundamental theories, historic and cutting-edge multiphase flow models, and concrete examples of current and future applications. This book provides a sound technical background for prospective or working engineers in need of understanding this crucial area of industry.

Readers will also find:
* Fundamental principles supporting commercial software
* Detailed tools for estimating multiphase flow rates through flowlines, wells, and more
* Integration of conservation principles with thermodynamic and transport properties
* Coverage of legacy and modern simulation models

This book is ideal for flow assurance engineers, facilities engineers, oil and gas production engineers, and process engineers, as well as chemical and mechanical engineering students looking to work in any of these roles.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow

Chapter 3 - Hydrocarbon Fluid Properties and Thermodynamics

Chapter 4 - Multiphase Flow Patterns

Chapter 5 - Two-Phase Flow in Pipelines

Chapter 6 - Two-Phase Flow in Wells

Chapter 7 - Two-Phase Flow Through Restrictions and Piping Components

Chapter 8 - Two-Phase Flow Thermal Modeling

Chapter 9 - Advanced Simulations

Chapter 10 - Multiphase Flow Simulations

Chapter 11 - Fluid-Solid Transport
Juan J. Manzano-Ruiz has worked for more than 40 years in all sectors of the oil and gas industry, including offshore shallow/deepwater fields, onshore oil and gas plants, LNG, and refining, in different technical leadership and managerial roles with E&P corporations. He has proven theoretical and operational experience with Flow Assurance and with the development of program simulation tools designed to meet challenging flow-modeling needs. He is the President of the corporation Petroconsulting and Associates and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

Jose G. Carballo is a flow assurance engineer with over a decade of experience with steady-state and transient simulation for wells, flowlines, and risers. He is a co-founder and Vice President of FlowAssure Engineering, and a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.