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Professional Reasoning in Healthcare

Navigating Uncertainty Using the Five Finger Framework

Jeffery, Helen / Robertson, Linda / Roodt, Jan Hendrik / Ryan, Susan (Herausgeber)


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160 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-89211-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Professional Reasoning in Healthcare

A guide to decision-making and critical thinking in diverse healthcare practice contexts.

Professional reasoning is an essential component of health practice. To thrive in a world that demands constant change where there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, strong frameworks are needed to support effective decision making. Critical to safe, ethical and culturally responsive practice decisions is the ability to integrate information from research evidence, the client, and the context/environment. Practitioners draw from these elements, along with the expertise of others, and through integration of the information with who they are, what they know, and how they operate. This creates a way forward that is right for the client, applicable to the context, and a good fit with themselves. This book provides such a framework.

Professional Reasoning in Healthcare: Navigating Uncertainty Using the Five Finger Framework aims to drive a revolution in professional decision-making and critical analysis among healthcare professionals. Built around an innovative framework for fostering thinking, this book illustrates the situated nature of learning and the uniqueness of practice decisions to individual practitioners and clients. The simplicity of the Five Finger framework belies the complexity of reasoning it stimulates. Written using narratives, the reader is able to imagine the situation as the thinking is made visible. It provides simple yet effective tools and techniques for promoting reflective and reflexive thinking and for integrating the evidence into effective decisions. It promises to help readers develop habits of critical thinking that lead to healthier, more effective decision-making processes.

Readers will find:
* Scenarios that bring the professional reasoning to life
* Tools and techniques to help translate theory into immediate practice
* Strategies to enhance reflective thinking skills, transformative learning, and sense-making
* Detailed discussion of topics including team culture, person-centred practice, social learning theory, cultural influences on reasoning, emotional intelligence, and more
* An overview of transdisciplinary thinking and a complexity-based view on ethics and values

Professional Reasoning in Healthcare is ideal for healthcare professionals, managers, students, and educators who are charged with developing skills in making critical decisions in diverse practice contexts.

List of Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Preface x

Acknowledgments xii

Chapter 1 Synthesizing Knowledge for Situated Practice: The Five Finger Framework 1

Historical Influences on Professional Reasoning
Helen Jeffery and Susan Ryan

Chapter 2 The Five Finger Framework: Development and Rationale 16

Fostering Thinking Skills
Jan Hendrik Roodt and Linda Robertson

Chapter 3 Grasping the Whole: The Practitioner Perspective 42

Practitioner Influences on Professional Decisions
Sian E. Griffiths, Kim Reay, and Helen Jeffery

Chapter 4 Using the Expertise of Others: Many Hands Make Light Work 57

Accessing Knowledge from Others to Inform Professional Decisions
Elizabeth Martin

Chapter 5 Walking Hand in Hand: Collaborative Practice 68

Eliciting and Incorporating Client Perspectives
Helen Jeffery

Chapter 6 Knowing the Context like the Back of Your Hand 83

Contextual Influences on Professional Reasoning
Helen Jeffery

Chapter 7 Letting the Research Lend a Hand 99

Evaluating, Synthesizing, and Implementing Knowledges
Luciana Blaga and Linda Robertson

Chapter 8 Synthesizing World Views 116

Transdisciplinarity and the Five Finger Framework
Jan Hendrik Roodt

Chapter 9 Tools for Implementing the Five Finger Framework 126

Ideas, Activities, and Tips for Practice and Education Settings
Helen Jeffery and Jan Hendrik Roodt

Index 143
An essential tool and a great insight to the decision-making skills that health professionals go through on a daily basis - a must read for all practitioners, new and seasoned!

Lara Gallichan BSc Hons, Speech Language Therapist, NZSTA

Written in a clear and accessible manner, there is no doubt this book will be an invaluable resource for students, clinicians, and teachers alike. By providing real-world examples, the reader easily appreciates the value of the Five Finger Framework and how it can improve their professional reasoning and practice. This book should be a compulsory reading for all students, and I would highly recommend it to all practising healthcare workers.

Dr Ruth Jeffery PhD, MSc, PGDip Med Rad Sci (NM), LLB(Hons), BA, BSc, NZDMI.

The ability to critically reflect upon the way that professional reasoning and judgement occurs is pivotal and is profoundly ethical for practice, research, and leadership.

Amongst the unique features of this text is the introduction of the Five Finger Framework to assist lifelong learners to comprehensively problem pose and problem solve. This resonates well with situated learning with its focus upon context, interpersonal relationships and shared decision making.

The book is culturally aware, transdisciplinary and has the potential to become a core text for learners at all levels of education particularly for those within practice-based education and mentorship relationships.

Dr Sheena E.E.Blair Dip OT, M.Ed, ED, FRCOT

Thanks for offering real, concrete, and doable approaches for improving professional reasoning.... using real stories of real practitioners to show how this works in practice.... broadening the views on client and culture.... In short, thanks for "handing us" the Five Finger Framework. It will work for students, practitioners, educators, and scholars. I would adopt it in a heartbeat if I were still teaching!

Barbara A. Schell, Professor Emerita, School of Occupational Therapy, Brenau University, PhD, OT/L, FAOTA.

This internationally relevant text presents the Five Finger Framework as a tool for enabling practice reasoning, critical reflection, and decision-making across a range of transdisciplinary approaches in health and social care settings. The metaphor of a hand unfolds a structured process for thinking through many-layered aspects to reach the end goal we all aim for - working effectively, visibly and in a traceable and thus accountable manner for collaborative solution-focused approaches.

Margaret McKenzie, Associate Professor, Registered Social Worker (NZ)
Helen Jeffrey is Principal Lecturer at Otago Polytechnic, Te Pkkenga, New Zealand.

Linda Robertson is Emeritus Associate Professor at Otago Polytechnic, Te Pkkenga, New Zealand.

Jan Hendrik Roodt is Academic Facilitator, Te Pkkenga, New Zealand, and Director of Polar Analytics, Finland.

Susan Ryan is Professor Emerita at University College Cork, Ireland.

H. Jeffery, Otago Polytechnic, Te Pukenga, New Zealand; L. Robertson, Otago Polytechnic, Te Pukenga, New Zealand; J. H. Roodt, Otago Polytechnic, Te Pukenga, New Zealand; S. Ryan, University College Cork, Ireland