John Wiley & Sons Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft 365 Cover A fast-paced, useful, and easy introduction to Microsoft 365 For those who need the show as well as.. Product #: 978-1-119-89351-6 Regular price: $26.07 $26.07 Auf Lager

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft 365

McFedries, Paul

Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech)


1. Auflage Juni 2022
352 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-89351-6
John Wiley & Sons

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A fast-paced, useful, and easy introduction to Microsoft 365

For those who need the show as well as the tell, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft 365 is the visual walkthrough to Microsoft's latest suite of office products that will get you up-to-speed faster than any other resource on the market. This book offers image- and screenshot-rich tutorials alongside step-by-step instructions so you can see what you need to do to make the most of Microsoft 365.

From getting a grip on the most basic Microsoft 365 functions to the advanced, new features known only by power users, the book provides you with the tools you need to make your work more streamlined and efficient. You'll also get:
* Up to date--and visually supported--guidance on the major Office apps that are part of Microsoft 365: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access
* Full-color, two-page tutorials that get you up and running fast
* Easy-to-read instructions and stepwise advice to accompany the informative and crystal-clear images

Ideal for people using Microsoft 365 for the very first time, Teach Yourself VISUALLY Microsoft 365 is also a can't-miss resource for long-time users of the software suite who need an introduction to the latest version and Office veterans seeking a refresher on what Microsoft 365 is capable of.

Part I Microsoft 365 Features

Chapter 1 Microsoft 365 Basics

Start and Exit Microsoft 365 Apps 4

Explore the App Window 6

Work with Backstage View 7

Change the Color Scheme 8

Search for a Ribbon Command 10

Work with the Ribbon 12

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 14

Using a Microsoft 365 App with a Touch Screen 16

Chapter 2 Working with Files

Create a New File 18

Save a File 20

Open a File 22

Print a File 24

Select Data 26

Chapter 3 Microsoft 365 Graphics Tools

Insert a Picture from Your PC 28

Insert an Online Picture 30

Resize and Move Graphic Objects 32

Understanding Graphics Modification Techniques 34

Chapter 4 Working with Microsoft 365 Files Online

Microsoft 365 and the Cloud 36

Sign In to Microsoft 365 38

Share a Document from Microsoft 365 40

Sign In to OneDrive 42

Using an Online App in OneDrive 44

Open a Document in a Desktop App from OneDrive 46

Upload a Document to OneDrive 48

Share a Document Using OneDrive 50

Part II Word

Chapter 5 Adding Text

Change Word's Views 54

Type and Edit Text 56

Insert Quick Parts 58

Insert Symbols 60

Chapter 6 Formatting Text

Change the Font, Size, and Color 62

Align Text 66

Set Line Spacing 67

Indent Text 68

Set Tabs 70

Set Margins 72

Create Lists 74

Copy Formatting 76

Clear Formatting 77

Format with Styles 78

Using a Template 80

Chapter 7 Adding Extra Touches

Insert an Online Video 82

Assign a Theme 84

Add Borders 86

Create Columns 88

Insert a Table 90

Apply Table Styles 92

Insert Table Rows or Columns 93

Add Headers and Footers 94

Insert Footnotes and Endnotes 96

Chapter 8 Reviewing Documents

Work in Read Mode View 98

Find and Replace Text 102

Navigate Document Content 104

Check Spelling and Grammar 106

Customize AutoCorrect 108

Using Word's Thesaurus and Dictionary 110

Translate Text 112

Track and Review Document Changes 114

Lock and Unlock Tracking 116

Combine Reviewers' Changes 118

Work with Comments 120

Part III Excel

Chapter 9 Building Spreadsheets

Enter Cell Data 124

Select Cells 126

Using AutoFill for Faster Data Entry 128

Turn On Text Wrapping 130

Center Data Across Columns 131

Adjust Cell Alignment 132

Change the Font and Size 134

Change Number Formats 136

Increase or Decrease Decimals 137

Add Cell Borders and Shading 138

Format Data with Styles 140

Apply Conditional Formatting 142

Insert Rows and Columns 144

Resize Columns and Rows 146

Freeze Column and Row Titles On-Screen 147

Name a Range 148

Clear or Delete Cells 150

Chapter 10 Worksheet Basics

Add a Worksheet 152

Rename a Worksheet 153

Change Page Setup Options 154

Move or Copy Worksheets 156

Delete a Worksheet 157

Find and Replace Data 158

Create a Table 160

Filter or Sort Table Information 162

Analyze Data Quickly 164

Understanding Data Analysis Choices 165

Insert a Note 166

Chapter 11 Working with Formulas and Functions

Understanding Formulas 168

Create a Formula 170

Apply Absolute and Relative Cell References 172

Understanding Functions 174

Insert a Function 176

Total Cells with AutoSum 178

Chapter 12 Working with Charts

Create a Chart 180

Move and Resize Charts 182

Change the Chart Type 184

Change the Chart Style 185

Change the Chart Layout 186

Add Chart Elements 187

Format Chart Elements 188

Change the Chart Data 189

Using Sparklines to View Data Trends 190

Understanding PivotTables 192

Create a PivotTable 194

Create a PivotChart 196

Insert a PivotTable Slicer 198

Part IV PowerPoint

Chapter 13 Creating a Presentation

Create a New Presentation 202

Create a Photo Album Presentation 204

Change PowerPoint Views 206

Insert Slides 208

Change the Slide Layout 210

Change the Slide Size 212

Chapter 14 Populating Presentation Slides

Add and Edit Slide Text 214

Change the Font, Size, and Color 216

Apply a Theme 220

Set Line Spacing 221

Align Text 222

Add a Text Box to a Slide 223

Add a Table to a Slide 224

Add a Chart to a Slide 226

Add a Video Clip to a Slide 228

Move a Slide Object 230

Resize a Slide Object 231

Chapter 15 Assembling and Presenting a Slideshow

Reorganize Slides 232

Reuse a Slide 234

Organize Slides into Sections 236

Define Slide Transitions 238

Add Animation Effects 240

Create a Custom Animation 242

Record Narration 244

Insert a Background Song 245

Create Speaker Notes 246

Rehearse a Slideshow 248

Run a Slideshow 250

Part V Access

Chapter 16 Database Basics

Understanding Database Basics 256

Create a Database Based on a Template 258

Create a Blank Database 260

Create a New Table 262

Change Table Views 264

Add a Field to a Table 266

Delete a Field from a Table 267

Hide a Field in a Table 268

Move a Field in a Table 269

Create a Form 270

Change Form Views 272

Move a Field in a Form 273

Delete a Field in a Form 274

Format Form Fields 275

Chapter 17 Adding, Finding, and Querying Data

Add Records to a Table 276

Add a Record Using a Form 278

Navigate Records Using a Form 280

Search for a Record Using a Form 281

Delete a Record from a Table 282

Delete a Record Using a Form 283

Sort Records 284

Filter Records 286

Perform a Simple Query 288

Create a Report 292

Part VI Outlook

Chapter 18 Organizing with Outlook

Navigate in Outlook 298

Schedule an Appointment 300

Create a New Contact 302

Create a New Task 304

Add a Note 306

Customize the Navigation Bar 308

Peek at Appointments and Tasks 310

Chapter 19 E-mailing with Outlook

Compose and Send a Message 312

Send a File Attachment 314

Read an Incoming Message 315

Reply to or Forward a Message 316

Add a Sender to Your Outlook Contacts 318

Delete a Message 319

Screen Junk E-Mail 320

Create a Message Rule 322

Index 324