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Wellbeing Strategies for Nurses

Boyd, Claire

Student Survival Skills


1. Auflage April 2023
336 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-89355-4
John Wiley & Sons

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Wellbeing Strategies for Nurses

Practical strategies for combating burnout and improving mental health while working as a nurse

Wellbeing Strategies for Nurses explores clear, straightforward, and practical techniques for cultivating resilience and positive mental health strategies in the face of a demanding clinical environment. This pocket-sized book is easy to carry during your clinical placement and offers tips, advice, and hard-won words of wisdom from student and qualified nurses to support you through a challenging, yet rewarding, career. You'll find stress-busting tools as well as exercises intended for long-term relief of stress incorporated throughout the book.

Readers will also find:
* A thorough introduction to self-care and wellbeing for nurses, as well as discussions of stress and guided meditation practice exercises
* Comprehensive explorations of breathing, humour, and nature therapy
* Practical discussions of muscle relaxation and the importance of healthy foods and hydration
* Treatments of the sense of smell, aromatherapy, guided meditation, mindfulness, and the five senses approach to wellbeing

Perfect for pre-registration adult nursing students in their first and second years of the programme, Wellbeing Strategies for Nurses will also benefit nursing associates, health care assistants, assistant practitioners, and professionals returning to the field after a period of absence.

Preface vii

Introduction ix

Acknowledgements xiii

Part 1 Occupational Ill-Health 1

1 Self-Care And Wellbeing 3

2 Stress 31

3 Sleep Well 49

Part 2 Strategies To Combat Stress 75

4 Breathing Therapy 77

5 Muscle Relaxation 91

6 Nature (Biophilia Theory) 101

7 Nutrition, Hydration, And Exercise 115

8 Colour Therapy 135

9 Aromatherapy 153

10 Sharing With Friends 167

11 Humour Therapy 179

12 Guided Meditation 193

13 Mindfulness 203

14 Visualisation (Guided Imagery) 213

15 Arts And Crafts 225

16 Stillness 247

Part 3 Guided Meditation For Groups And Individuals 255

17 Guided Meditations: Spring 257

Cool Waters 258

Rainbow 262

18 Guided Meditations: Summer 267

Tropical Paradise 268

Summer Meadows 273

19 Guided Meditations: Autumn 277

A Walk In The Forest 278

Moonlight 284

20 Guided Meditations: Winter 289

Candle Light 290

A Walk In The Snow 293

Answers To Activities 299

Appendix A: Effects Of Stress 303

Appendix B: Colouring A Rainbow 307

Appendix C: Glossary Of The Properties Of Essential Oils 309

Appendix D: Wellness Bingo 313

Index 315
Claire Boyd is a Practice Development Trainer in the Learning and Research Centre at North Bristol Healthcare Trust. She develops, designs, delivers, and evaluates learning programmes and organises the transition training programme for student nurses and support of these nurses in clinical areas. She has over 35 years' experience in the field of nursing.

C. Boyd, Practice Development Trainer, North Bristol NHS Trust