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CompTIA Network+ CertMike: Prepare. Practice. Pass the Test! Get Certified!

Exam N10-008

Chapple, Mike / Zacker, Craig

CertMike Get Certified


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368 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-89815-3
John Wiley & Sons

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A laser-focused and job-ready blueprint for success on the CompTIA Network+ exam and a running start on your first (or next) job in tech

CompTIA Network+ CertMike: Prepare. Practice. Pass the Test! Get Certified! Exam N10-008 delivers a no-nonsense, straight-to-business guide to acing the CompTIA Network+ test on your first attempt. Veteran tech experts and educators Mike Chapple and Craig Zacker walk you through every step you'll need to take on the N10-008 exam, from networking fundamentals, implementations, and operations to network security and troubleshooting. Ace the test using the proven CertMike approach:
* Prepare -- CertMike is your personal study coach, guiding you through all the exam objectives and helping you gain an understanding of how they apply to on-the-job tasks!
* Practice -- Each chapter includes two multiple choice practice questions. Work through the detailed explanations to evaluate each answer option and understand the reason for the best answer!
* Pass -- On exam day, use the critical knowledge you've learned when you're ready to take the test. You'll feel ready and confident to pass the exam and earn your certification!

The book skips the fluff and gets right to the point of getting you familiar with network basics and on the road to an in-demand certification and a new career as a network technician or admin. You'll also get complimentary access to additional Sybex online study tools, including a bonus practice exam and audio recordings of the book's CertMike Exam Essentials.

A can't-miss roadmap to success on the Network+ exam, CompTIA Network+ CertMike: Prepare. Practice. Pass the Test! Get Certified! Exam N10-008 is the job-focused and practical guide you've been looking for to help you hone your networking skills.

Introduction xix

Part I Domain 1.0: Networking Fundamentals 1

Chapter 1 OSI Model 3

OSI Model 3

Data Encapsulation 12

Chapter 2 Network Topologies 17

Network Topologies 17

Network Types and Characteristics 19

Network Roles 21

Service- Related Entry Points 22

Virtual Network Concepts 22

Provider Links 24

Chapter 3 Cables and Connectors 29

Cable Types 30

Connector Types 33

Cable Management 35

Ethernet Standards 36

Chapter 4 IP Addressing 41

IP Addresses 42

IPv4 vs. IPv6 48

Chapter 5 Ports and Protocols 55

IP Protocol Types 55

Application Layer Protocols 60

Chapter 6 Network Services 67

Dhcp 67

Dns 70

Ntp 75

Chapter 7 Network Architecture 79

Three- Tiered Architecture 79

Software- Defined Networking 82

Spine and Leaf Architecture 83

Traffic Flows 84

Data Center Locations 84

Storage Area Networking 85

Chapter 8 Cloud Computing 91

Deployment Models 91

Service Models 93

Part II Domain 2.0: Network Implementations 103

Chapter 9 Network Devices 105

Networking Devices 105

Networked Devices 111

Chapter 10 Routing and Bandwidth Management 117

Routing 118

Bandwidth Management 124

Chapter 11 Switching 129

Ethernet Basics 129

Switching 131

Chapter 12 Wireless Standards 141

Wireless Networking 142

Cellular Technologies 149

Part III Domain 3.0: Network Operations 153

Chapter 13 Network Availability 155

Performance Metrics 156

Snmp 158

Network Device Logs 159

Interface Errors or Alerts 161

Environmental Sensors 162

Baselines 162

Uptime/Downtime 163

Chapter 14 Organizational Documents and Policies 167

Plans and Procedures 167

Hardening and Security Policies 171

Common Documentation 172

Common Agreements 175

Chapter 15 High Availability and Disaster Recovery 179

Load Balancing 180

Multipathing 180

NIC Teaming 180

Redundant Hardware/Clusters 181

Facilities and Infrastructure Support 182

Redundancy and High Availability Concepts 185

Network Device Backup/Restore 188

Part IV Domain 4.0: Network Security 191

Chapter 16 Security Concepts 193

Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability 193

Threats 194

Vulnerabilities 194

Exploits 195

Least Privilege 195

Role- Based Access 196

Zero Trust 196

Defense in Depth 197

Authentication Methods 198

Risk Management 201

Siem 202

Chapter 17 Network Attacks 207

Technology- Based Attacks 207

Human and Environmental Attacks 212

Chapter 18 Network Hardening 217

Best Practices 217

Wireless Security 223

IoT Access Considerations 227

Chapter 19 Remote Access 231

Virtual Private Networks 232

Remote Desktop Gateway 234

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) 235

Virtual Desktop 235

Authentication and Authorization Considerations 236

In- band vs. Out- of- band Management 236

Chapter 20 Physical Security 241

Detection Methods 241

Prevention Methods 243

Asset Disposal 246

Part V Domain 5.0: Network Troubleshooting 251

Chapter 21 Network Troubleshooting Methodology 253

Identify the Problem 254

Establish a Theory of Probable Cause 256

Test the Theory to Determine the Cause 256

Establish a Plan of Action to Resolve the Problem and Identify Potential Effects 257

Implement the Solution or Escalate as Necessary 258

Verify Full System Functionality and, if Applicable, Implement Preventive Measures 259

Document Findings, Actions, Outcomes, and Lessons Learned 259

Chapter 22 Troubleshooting Cable Connectivity 263

Specifications and Limitations 264

Cable Considerations 265

Cable Application 265

Common Issues 267

Common Tools 271

Chapter 23 Network Software Tools and Commands 275

Software Tools 275

Command- Line Tools 279

Basic Network Platform Commands 284

Chapter 24 Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity 289

Specifications and Limitations 289

Considerations 291

Common Issues 293

Chapter 25 Troubleshooting Network Issues 301

Considerations 301

Common Issues 303

Index 315

Mike Chapple, PhD is Teaching Professor of Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations at Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. He is a bestselling author of over 25 books and serves as the Academic Director of the University's Master of Science in Business Analytics program. He holds multiple additional certifications, including the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CySA+ (CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst), CIPP/US (Certified Information Privacy Professional), CompTIA PenTest+, and CompTIA Security+. Mike provides cybersecurity certification resources at his website,

Craig Zacker is the author or co-author of dozens of books, manuals, articles, and web sites on computer and networking topics.

M. Chapple, University of Notre Dame