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Statistics All-in-One For Dummies

Rumsey, Deborah J.


1. Auflage November 2022
560 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-90256-0
John Wiley & Sons

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The odds-on best way to master stats.

Statistics All-in-One For Dummies is packed with lessons, examples, and practice problems to help you slay your stats course. Develop confidence and understanding in statistics with easy-to-understand (even fun) explanations of key concepts. Plus, you'll get access to online chapter quizzes and other resources that will turn you into a stats master. This book teaches you how to interpret graphs, determine probability, critique data, and so much more. Written by an expert author and serious statistics nerd, Statistics AIO For Dummies explains everything in terms anyone can understand.
* Get a grasp of basic statistics concepts required in every statistics course
* Clear up the process of interpreting graphs, understanding polls, and analyzing data
* Master correlation, regression, and other data analysis tools
* Score higher on stats tests and get a better grade in your high school or college class

Statistics All-in-One For Dummies follows the curriculum of intro college statistics courses (including AP Stats!) so you can learn everything you need to know to get the grade you need--the Dummies way.

Introduction 1

Unit 1: Getting Started with Statistics 5

Chapter 1: The Statistics of Everyday Life 7

Chapter 2: Taking Control: So Many Numbers, So Little Time 15

Chapter 3: Tools of the Trade 25

Unit 2: Number-Crunching Basics 47

Chapter 4: Crunching Categorical Data 49

Chapter 5: Means, Medians, and More 65

Chapter 6: Getting the Picture: Graphing Categorical Data 99

Chapter 7: Going by the Numbers: Graphing Numerical Data 125

Unit 3: Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem 167

Chapter 8: Coming to Terms with Probability 169

Chapter 9: Random Variables and the Binomial Distribution 199

Chapter 10: The Normal Distribution 219

Chapter 11: The t-Distribution 251

Chapter 12: Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem 263

Unit 4: Guesstimating and Hypothesizing with Confidence 285

Chapter 13: Leaving Room for a Margin of Error 287

Chapter 14: Confidence Intervals: Making Your Best Guesstimate 305

Chapter 15: Claims, Tests, and Conclusions 341

Chapter 16: Commonly Used Hypothesis Tests: Formulas and Examples 361

Unit 5: Statistical Studies and the Hunt for a Meaningful Relationship 389

Chapter 17: Polls, Polls, and More Polls 391

Chapter 18: Experiments and Observational Studies: Medical Breakthroughs or Misleading Results? 413

Chapter 19: Looking for Links: Correlation and Regression 435

Chapter 20: Two-Way Tables and Independence 467

Appendix : Tables for Reference 503

Index 513
Deborah Rumsey, PhD, is a Professor of Statistics and Statistics Education Specialist at The Ohio State University. She is the author of Statistics For Dummies, Statistics Workbook For Dummies, Statistics II For Dummies, and Probability For Dummies.