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Wiley's Level I CFA Program 11th Hour Final Review Study Guide 2023



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ISBN: 978-1-119-93064-8
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A must-have resource for the weeks before the CFA exam - Level I

Wiley's Level I CFA Program 11th Hour Final Review Study Guide 2023 is a concise distillation of the material covered on Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst certification exams. Rather than act as a primary study tool, the book offers an efficient and effective way to review the concepts covered by the exam.

The book covers:
* Ethical and professional standards
* Financial analysis tools, including quantitative methods, economics, and financial reporting and analysis
* Portfolio management and analysis, including corporate finance
* Assets, including equity investments, derivatives, fixed income, and alternative investments

Perfect for any prospective CFA Level I exam taker seeking to improve their confidence walking into the test, Wiley's Level I CFA Program 11th Hour Final Review Study Guide 2023 is an indispensable resource for improving your retention and understanding of core concepts licensed CFAs use every day.

Foreword vii

Quantitative Methods (QM)

Learning Module 1: The Time Value of Money 3

Learning Module 2: Organizing, Visualizing, and Describing Data 5

Learning Module 3: Probability Concepts 9

Learning Module 4: Common Probability Distributions 15

Learning Module 5: Sampling and Estimation 20

Learning Module 6: Hypothesis Testing 25

Learning Module 7: Introduction to Linear Regression 31

Economics (EC)

Learning Module 1: Topics in Demand and Supply Analysis 41

Learning Module 2: The Firm and Market Structure 51

Learning Module 3: Aggregate Output, Prices, and Economic Growth 57

Learning Module 4: Understanding Business Cycles 66

Learning Module 5: Monetary and Fiscal Policy 78

Learning Module 6: Introduction to Geopolitics 86

Learning Module 7: International Trade and Capital Flows 88

Learning Module 8: Currency Exchange Rates 97

Financial Statement Analysis (FSA)

Financial Statement Analysis (Curriculum Book 2)

Learning Module 1: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis 109

Learning Module 2: Financial Reporting Standards 111

Financial Statement Analysis (Curriculum Book 3)

Learning Module 1: Understanding Income Statements 117

Learning Module 2: Understanding Balance Sheets 123

Learning Module 3: Understanding Cash Flow Statements 126

Learning Module 4: Financial Analysis Techniques 130

Learning Module 5: Inventories 137

Learning Module 6: Long-Lived Assets 145

Learning Module 7: Income Taxes 159

Learning Module 8: Non-Current (Long-Term) Liabilities 163

Learning Module 9: Financial Reporting Quality 172

Learning Module 10: Applications of Financial Statement Analysis 178

Corporate Issuers (CI)

Corporate Issuers (Curriculum Book 3)

Learning Module 1: Corporate Structure and Ownership 183

Learning Module 2: Introduction to Corporate Governance and Other ESG Considerations 186

Learning Module 3: Business Models and Risks 190

Learning Module 4: Capital Investments 194

Learning Module 5: Working Capital and Liquidity 197

Corporate Issuers (Curriculum Book 4)

Learning Module 1: Cost of Capital - Foundational Topics 203

Learning Module 2: Capital Structure 205

Learning Module 3: Measures of Leverage 210

Equity Investments (EQ)

Learning Module 1: Market Organization and Structure 217

Learning Module 2: Security Market Indexes 227

Learning Module 3: Market Efficiency 232

Learning Module 4: Overview of Equity Securities 238

Learning Module 5: Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis 244

Learning Module 6: Equity Valuation: Concepts and Basic Tools 250

Fixed Income (FI)

Fixed Income (Curriculum Book 4)

Learning Module 1: Fixed Income Securities: Defining Elements 259

Learning Module 2: Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding 268

Learning Module 3: Introduction to Fixed Income Valuation 275

Learning Module 4: Introduction to Asset-Backed Securities 282

Fixed Income (Curriculum Book 5)

Learning Module 1: Understanding Fixed-Income Risk and Return 293

Learning Module 2: Fundamentals of Credit Analysis 301

Derivatives (DR)

Learning Module 1: Derivative Markets and Instruments 311

Learning Module 2: Forward Commitment and Contingent Claim Features and Instruments 312

Learning Module 3: Derivative Benefits, Risks, and Issuer and Investor Uses 313

Learning Module 4: Arbitrage, Replication, and the Cost of Carry in Pricing Derivatives 314

Learning Module 5: Pricing and Valuation of Forward Contracts and for an Underlying with Varying Maturities 316

Learning Module 6: Pricing and Valuation of Futures Contracts 318

Learning Module 7: Pricing and Valuation of Interest Rates and Other Swaps 319

Learning Module 8: Pricing and Valuation of Options 321

Learning Module 9: Option Replication Using Put-Call Parity 324

Learning Module 10: Binomial Option Pricing 326

Alternative Investments (AI)

Learning Module 1: Categories, Characteristics, and Compensation Structures of Alternative Investments 331

Learning Module 2: Performance Calculation and Appraisal of Alternative Investments 333

Learning Module 3: Private Capital, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Natural Resources, and Hedge Funds 335

Portfolio Management (PM)

Portfolio Management (Curriculum Book 5)

Learning Module 1: Portfolio Management: An Overview 345

Learning Module 2: Portfolio Risk and Return: Part I 349

Learning Module 3: Portfolio Risk and Return: Part II 357

Portfolio Management (Curriculum Book 6)

Learning Module 1: Basics of Portfolio Planning and Construction 367

Learning Module 2: The Behavioral Biases of Individuals 371

Learning Module 3: Introduction to Risk Management 378

Learning Module 4: Technical Analysis 383

Learning Module 5: Fintech in Investment Management 395

Ethical and Professional Standards (ET)

Learning Module 1: Ethics and Trust in the Investment Profession 399

Learning Module 2: Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct 400

Learning Module 3: Guidance for Standards I-VII 400

Learning Module 4: Introduction to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) 403

Learning Module 5: Ethics Application 405
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