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IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Body of Knowledge (TEMSBOK)

Kongar, Elif / Dabic, Marina / Desmond, Celia / Condry, Michael / Koushik, Sudeendra / Saracco, Roberto (Herausgeber)

IEEE Press Series on Technology Management, Innovation, and Leadership


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ISBN: 978-1-119-98760-4
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IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Body of Knowledge (TEMSBOK)

IEEE TEMS Board of Directors-approved body of knowledge dedicated to technology and engineering management

The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Body of Knowledge (TEMSBOK) establishes a set of common practices for technology and engineering management, acts as a reference for entrepreneurs, establishes a basis for future official certifications, and summarizes the literature on the management field in order to publish reference documentation for new initiatives.

The editors have used a template approach with authors that instructed them on how to introduce their manuscript, how to organize the technology and area fundamentals, the managing approach, techniques and benefits, realistic examples that show the application of concepts, recommended best use (focusing on how to identify the most adequate approach to typical cases), with a summary and conclusion of each section, plus a list of references for further study.

The book is structured according to the following area knowledge chapters: business analysis, technology adoption, innovation, entrepreneurship, project management, digital disruption, digital transformation of industry, data science and management, and ethics and legal issues.

Specific topics covered include:
* Market requirement analysis, business analysis for governance planning, financial analysis, evaluation and control, and risk analysis of market opportunities
* Leading and managing working groups, optimizing group creation and evolution, enterprise agile governance, and leading agile organizations and working groups
* Marketing plans for new products and services, risk analysis and challenges for entrepreneurs, and procurement and collaboration
* Projects, portfolios and programs, economic constraints and roles, integration management and control of change, and project plan structure

The IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Body of Knowledge (TEMSBOK) will appeal to engineers, graduates, and professionals who wish to prepare for challenges in initiatives using new technologies, as well as managers who are responsible for conducting business involving technology and engineering.

A Note from the Series Editor xix

About the Editors xxi

TEMSBOK Co-editors and Steering Committee xxv

About the Contributors xxix

Prologues of the TEMSBOK Sections and Chapters xlix

Introduction to TEMSBOK lxi

Section 1 Business Analysis 1

1 Profitability Analysis and Financial Evaluation of Projects 3
Mikael Collan and Jyrki Savolainen

2 Fintech and Consumer Expectations: A Global Perspective 21
Reyna Virginia Barragán Quintero and Fernando Barragán Quintero

Section 2 Strategy 53

3 Strategic Roadmapping for Technological Change 55
Eduardo Ahumada-Tello, Oscar Omar Ovalle-Osuna, and Richard D. Evans

Section 3 Leadership 69

4 Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI): The Key to Becoming a Disciplined Agile Enterprise 71
Scott Ambler

5 Leading and Managing Optimal Working Groups, the Belbin Methodology 83
Marcelo Da Costa Porto

Section 4 Innovation 95

6 Managing Innovation 97
Joseph Tidd

7 Innovation and R&D 109
Sudeendra Koushik

8 Women in Technology and Innovation 123
Elif Kongar and Tarek Sobh

Section 5 Entrepreneurship 131

9 Roadmap for Entrepreneurial Success 133
Arun Tanksali

10 Toward Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain Logistics 147
Eldon Glen Caldwell Marin

Section 6 Project Management 167

11 Project Management 169
Celia Desmond

12 Project Plan Structure: The Gantt Chart and Beyond 189
Andrea Molinari

Section 7 Digital Disruption 205

13 The Evolution of Smart Sustainable: Exploring the Standardization Nexus 207
Cristina Bueti and Mythili Menon

14 Wireless 5G (The 5G Mobile Network Standard) 219
Cristina Emilia Costa and Fabrizio Granelli

15 The Internet of Things and Its Potential for Industrial Processes 233
Francesco Pilati, Daniele Fontanelli, and Davide Brunelli

16 Trends in Robotics Management and Business Automation 265
Gastón Lefranc

17 Healthcare Through Data Science -- A Transdisciplinary Perspective from Latin America 289
Parag Chatterjee and Ricardo Armentano

Section 8 Digital Transformation 297

18 Digital Transformation Enabled by Big Data 299
Mariel Feder Szafir

19 Digital Reality Technology, Challenges, and Human Factors 331
Nicholas Napp and Louis Nisiotis

20 Digital Reality -- Digital Twins 351
Roberto Saracco

Section 9 Security 369

21 Bitcoin, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Real Use Cases 371
Ignacio Varese

22 Cybersecurity 381
Jon Clay

23 Cybersecurity Standards and Frameworks 397
Santiago Paz

Section 10 Data Science 417

24 Information-Enabled Decision-Making in Big Data Scenarios 419
Dario Petri, Luca Mari, Matteo Brunelli, and Paolo Carbone

25 Data Management: An Enabler of Data-Driven Decisions 437
Cecilia Poittevin, Javier Barreiro, Gustavo Mesa, and Laura Rodriguez Mendaro

Section 11 Legal and Ethics 451

26 Innovating with Values. Ethics and Integrity for Tech Startups 453
Germán Stalker

Index 469
Gustavo Giannattasio, MBA, PMP, is a Technology Consultant and member of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Board of Directors.

Elif Kongar, PhD, is a Professor of Economics & Business Analytics at the Pompea College of Business, University of New Haven.

Marina Dabic, MSc, is a Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business at University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Celia Desmond, MSc, is President of World Class -- Telecommunications, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Michael Condry, PhD, is the Chair of the Advisory Board for Clinical, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Sudeendra Koushik, PhD, is an innovator, speaker, author, with expertise in IP and patent generation, and an immense insight into start-up to end-up and HR strategy for innovation.

Roberto Saracco, PhD, leads the Industry Advisory Board within the Future Directions Committee and co-chairs the Digital Reality fostering Digital Transformation Initiative with IEEE.

E. Kongar, University of New Haven; M. Dabic, University of Zagreb, Croatia; C. Desmond, World Class -- Telecommunications, Mississauga, ON, Canada; M. Condry, Clinical, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA; R. Saracco, CSELT--Telecom Italia Group