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Beating Burnout, Finding Balance

Mindful Lessons for a Meaningful Life

Calarco, Melo


1. Auflage März 2023
240 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-15459-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Manage overwhelm and find renewed passion in your life and work

Never-ending to-do lists, constant deadlines, intense workloads and the guilty feeling you're not doing enough--does this sound all too familiar? If so, it's time to take a step back and find a better balance for your work and life. In this book, you'll discover the simple practices that will help you create a healthy mindset, boost your wellbeing and prevent overwhelm. So say goodbye to fatigue: with Beating Burnout, Finding Balance, you'll rediscover the energy you need to thrive.

Mindfulness and performance coach Melo Calarco shares the secrets to flourishing as a high achiever and an effective leader. In this book, he combines science, practical knowledge and mindfulness techniques with the incredible life lessons he has learned as he cycled and trekked his way around the world. You'll learn how you can apply the strategies that top performers--from surgeons to CEOs to Olympic athletes--use to conquer burnout and surpass their goals.
* Use simple but highly effective strategies to improve your productivity and happiness
* Develop your self-awareness so you can better balance your energy
* Build resilience and manage stress so you can perform in high-stakes or unpredictable situations
* Find your focus and live with purpose, passion, and drive

Through inspirational stories and proven techniques, from mountaintop monasteries to executive boardrooms, Beating Burnout, Finding Balance gives you the tools to achieve your goals and live more meaningfully and mindfully.

About the Author ix

Introduction xi

1 On self- awareness 1

2 On burnout and self-care 21

3 On stress and resilience 45

4 On self- regulation 69

5 On overwhelm and anxiety 91

6 On fear and trust 115

7 On purpose and perseverance 137

8 On gratitude and compassion 159

9 On balance 181

Conclusion 207

Acknowledgements 211

References 213

Index 217
MELO CALARCO teaches others how to stay energised, perform their best, and conquer burnout. Melo's lessons draw on his three decades of professional experience and on his life of cycling and trekking more than 30 000 kilometres across five continents. His work has been described as truly transformational!