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SPSS Statistics Workbook For Dummies

Salcedo, Jesus / McCormick, Keith


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336 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-15630-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Practice making sense of data with IBM's SPSS Statistics software

SPSS Statistics Workbook For Dummies gives you the practice you need to navigate the leading statistical software suite. Data management and analysis, advanced analytics, business intelligence--SPSS is a powerhouse of a research platform, and this book helps you master the fundamentals and analyze data more effectively. You'll work through practice problems that help you understand the calculations you need to perform, complete predictive analyses, and produce informative graphs. This workbook gives you hands-on exercises to hone your statistical analysis skills with SPSS Statistics 28. Plus, explanations and insider tips help you navigate the software with ease. Practical and easy-to-understand, in classic Dummies style.
* Practice organizing, analyzing, and graphing data
* Learn to write, edit, and format SPSS syntax
* Explore the upgrades and features new to SPSS 28
* Try your hand at advanced data analysis procedures

For academics using SPSS for research, business analysts and market researchers looking to extract valuable insights from data, and anyone with a hankering for more stats practice.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Data into and out of SPSS 5

Chapter 1: Working Through Import and Export Challenges 7

Chapter 2: Defining Data 19

Part 2: Messing with Data in SPSS 35

Chapter 3: Using the Data Menu 37

Chapter 4: Putting the Transform Menu to Work 59

Chapter 5: Computing Variables 87

Part 3: Analyzing Data 119

Chapter 6: Using Descriptive Statistics 121

Chapter 7: Testing Relationships with the Chi-Square Test of Independence 141

Chapter 8: Comparing Two Groups with T-Tests 161

Chapter 9: Comparing More Than Two Groups with ANOVA 177

Chapter 10: Testing Relationships with Correlation 199

Chapter 11: Making Predictions Using Linear Regression 213

Part 4: Producing and Editing Output 223

Chapter 12: Building Graphs with Bars, Lines, and Wedges 225

Chapter 13: Building Slightly More Complex Graphs 245

Chapter 14: Editing Output 275

Part 5: Programming SPSS with Command Syntax 287

Chapter 15: Working with Pasted SPSS Syntax 289

Chapter 16: Computing Variables with Syntax 297

Part 6: The Part of Tens 305

Chapter 17: Ten Tricky SPSS Skills to Practice 307

Chapter 18: Ten Practice Certification Questions 313

Index 319
Jesus Salcedo, PhD, studied psychometrics at Fordham and has been using SPSS for over 25 years. Currently at Wiley, he served as the SPSS curriculum lead at IBM and has trained thousands of users.

Keith McCormick has traveled the world speaking at conferences teaching machine learning, data science, and SPSS. He currently serves as executive data scientist in residence at Pandata. Hundreds of thousands have watched his LinkedIn Learning courses.