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Speak with Confidence

Overcome Self-Doubt, Communicate Clearly, and Inspire Your Audience

Acker, Mike


1. Auflage Dezember 2022
256 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-15974-1
John Wiley & Sons

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Build your communication confidence and master the ability to inspire your audience

In Speak with Confidence: Overcome Self-Doubt, Communicate Clearly, and Inspire Your Audience, keynote speaker, author, and executive communication coach Mike Acker delivers a practical and hands-on playbook to building the confidence you need to nail your next presentation, speech, virtual talk, or social media post. In this proven pathway to becoming a capable and confident speaker, you'll discover how to combine your identity, message, and skills into one persuasive package.

The author explains how to uncover your identity, define your message, and develop your skills and techniques to become a master communicator. From overcoming imposter syndrome to eliminating a victim mentality, you'll explore concrete methods for improving your presence and ability to take command of a room. You'll also find:
* The elements of a confident message, including a personal investment in the topic you're discussing
* Strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs that hold you back and artificially reduce your ability to lead
* Ways to understand your audience and learn to hone in on the place where your purpose intersects with your audience's needs

An essential new strategy guide for anyone seeking to improve their ability to speak to a group, Speak with Confidence is the public speaking blueprint you've been waiting for.

Read First

INTRODUCTION: The Framework for Confidence

1. The Big Three


2. You Are the Message

3. Determine and Discover

4. Your Anchors: Values and Mission

5. Navigating the Obstacles, Part I

6. Navigating the Obstacles, Part II


7. The Elements of a Confident Message

8. The What: Your Content

9. The Who: Your Audience

10. The Power of Systems

11. tandard Speech Systems

12. Spontaneous Speech Systems

13. Rambling Reduction Systems


14. Increase Skills, Increase Confidence

15. The Power of Pauses

16. Voice and Clarity

17. Vocal Variety

18. Nonverbals


About the Author

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MIKE ACKER is the Founder and President of ADVANCE Coaching and Consulting. He's a keynote speaker, author, and communication coach with over twenty years' experience in leadership development, organizational management, and speaking education.