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The End of Leadership as We Know It

What It Takes to Lead in Today's Volatile and Complex World

Garcia, Steve / Fisher, Dan


1. Auflage August 2023
256 Seiten, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-17173-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Maximize your leadership impact with the latest insights and research from the field of adaptive leadership

In The End of Leadership as We Know It, a team of veteran executive and leadership strategists delivers an expert analysis of the ten most common errors leaders make when attempting to address disruption and concrete strategies for avoiding them. In the book, you'll find ways to apply the latest research in adaptive leadership and complexity to your own leadership style and achieve the impact you seek to have on your business, your followers, and yourself.

The authors explain how to rethink the essence of leadership during times of flux and show you how to deal with unpredictable situations. You'll also find:
* Ways to identify the devastating blind spots caused by current approaches to leadership
* Strategies for unleashing the creativity and potential of employees, rather than controlling them
* Tough-love feedback for contemporary leaders doing their best to deliver results in an increasingly uncertain and volatile business environment

Full of creativity and inspirational energy, The End of Leadership as We Know It will benefit managers, executives, board members, business students and other current and aspiring business leaders.



1. Introduction: Making a Difference in Our Complex Times

2. It's Not About You Trap to Avoid: Leading through traits or abilities rather than relationships

3. The Vulnerability Paradox Trap To Avoid: Projecting invincibility rather than humility

4. Stop Strategizing and Start Doing Trap To Avoid: Separating strategizing from executing

5. Freeing Your People with Purpose-Driven Simple Rules Trap to Avoid: Talking about purpose without operationalizing it

6. Why Community Organizers Consistently Beat Superheroes Trap to Avoid: Saving the day instead of building teams that solve problems

7. Vivé La Resistance! Trap to Avoid: Rolling over resistance to change rather than working with it

8. Balancing Efficiency with Resilience Trap to Avoid: Cutting costs to the point of becoming brittle

9. The Siren Song of Certainty Trap to Avoid: Seeking certainty regardless of reality

10. Data Driven Decisions Still Need a Driver Trap to avoid: Relying on data to replace judgment

11. When Best Isn't Best Trap to Avoid: Assuming "best practices" are right for your current situation

12. Conclusion The End of Leadership in a Quantum Age


About the Authors
STEVE GARCIA is a Managing Partner at Contemporary Leadership Advisors. He helps clients build and lead faster, higher-impact, and more adaptive organizations in rapidly changing, complex environments. He has extensive experience as both an executive and executive educator.

DAN FISHER is a consulting psychologist and Co-founder of the Institute for Contemporary Leadership and a Managing Partner at Contemporary Leadership Advisors. He has significant experience coaching and advising executives and their teams.