John Wiley & Sons The Psychology of Personal Growth and Better Relationships Cover LEARN SKILLS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME WITH MANGA FOR SUCCESS! Do you want to get along better with.. Product #: 978-1-394-17607-6 Regular price: $19.53 $19.53 Auf Lager

The Psychology of Personal Growth and Better Relationships

Manga for Success

Iwai, Toshinori

Manga for Success


1. Auflage April 2023
224 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-17607-6
John Wiley & Sons

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Do you want to get along better with people? Overcome negative thought patterns that are holding you back? Or are you looking for a basic understanding of the popular ideas of Adlerian psychology? Whatever your reason for picking up this book, The Psychology of Personal Growth and Better Relationships: Manga For Success makes psychology concepts easy to understand using practical examples and situations. You'll read about:
* Self-determination and self-encouragement
* Dealing with emotions in interpersonal relationships
* Having courage during difficult conversations

The story follows Yukari, a 28-year-old area manager of a bakery chain who finds her career gridlocked by frustration and adversarial relationships. Luckily for her, Adler's Ghost appears to teach her how to turn the situation around. As her communication improves, she builds relationships of trust, and her career begins to move forward smoothly. Applicable in both business and personal life, this book has the potential to change your life for the better--and you'll have fun reading it. Find out why the Manga For Success series--now available in English for the first time--is so popular in Japan, Korea, and beyond.

Preface 8


What Is Adlerian Psychology?

Story 1 The Little Ghost I Met in the Warehouse 12

1 Grasping the Whole Picture of Adlerian Psychology 22

2 The Main Components of Adlerian Psychology 28

Column 1: Alfred Adler, the Man 36


So What ?

It's Just You?

Reading This Will Help You Understand the Basics of Adlerian Psychology!

Part 1 If You Change Your Perspective, Your Life Will Be Easier

Story 2 The Store Managers' Rebellion 38

1 Lifestyle and Life Tasks 62

2 From an Etiological Approach to a Teleological One 70

3 Cognitive Theory and Basic Mistakes 74

4 Self-Determination 78

Column 2: Adler, the Feminist 82

So I Think I'll Just Quit My Job

Jolt Searching For the Cause Will Get You An Explanation But Not a Solution !

Part 2 Understanding the Role of Emotion in the Formation of Lifestyle

Story 3 The Secret Behind the Discarded POP Displays 84

1 Reason and Emotion 108

2 The Formation of Lifestyle 115

3 How to Develop Courage 124

Column 3: Adler, Who Began a New Era 128

Part 3 From the World of Assumptions to Common Sense

Story 4 Why Wasn't I Chosen? 130

You Just Have to Accept

The Differences In Personality !

There's also An Introduction to Some Approximate Personality Traits Based on Birth Order!

1 What Is Cognitivism? 148

2 What Is Empathy? 152

3 How Do I Adopt New Patterns of Behavior? 158

Column 4: Adler, the Encourager 166

Part 4 Interpersonal Relationships and Emotions

Story 5 Christmas, the Final Battle! 168

1 What Are Interpersonal Relationships? 188

2 Emotions That Pull Us Apart and Bring Us Together 192

3 Jealousy's True Identity 196

4 What Are Feelings of Inferiority? 198

Column 5: Adler and America 202

Could It Be That What You're Feeling Are Feelings of Inferiority?

Everyone Lives In a Sphere Of Their Own Assumptions

I'm Going Too


Part 5 What Is Encouragement?

Story 6 I'm Going to Deliver the Photo! 204

1 Encouragement in Adlerian Psychology 208

2 Self-Encouragement 212

3 Encouraging Others 216

Column 6: Adler's Twilight Years and Passing 220

So, Encouragement Means Providing The Strength To Overcome Difficulties!
TOSHINORI IWAI was born in Ibaraki prefecture in Japan in 1947. He graduated from Waseda University in 1970. He is founder and CEO of the Human Guild and has extensive experience in Adlerian psychology counseling, education and enrichment, and research. He is known for writing a number of books on Adlerian psychology and its applications.

T. Iwai, Waseda University