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The Innovative Seller

Keeping Pace in an AI and Customer-Centric World

Dunlap, Jake


1. Auflage April 2024
224 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-18024-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Practical and straightforward solutions to everyday sales challenges

In The Innovative Seller: Keeping Pace In An AI and Customer-Centric World, veteran sales leader and trainer Jake Dunlap delivers an expert playbook for sales that offers out-of-the-box and creative answers for the problems and questions that salespeople face every day. Fun and motivational, the book walks you through effective strategies for dealing with common challenges, like LinkedIn prospecting, sales transparency, cold calling, and others.

The author has included a comprehensive tactical appendix, so you can easily identify and locate the exact solution you need when you encounter a specific problem. You'll also find:
* Proven, grounded, and actionable techniques you can apply immediately to improve your sales performance
* Instructive stories and anecdotes drawn from Dunlap's decades of sales and sales training experience
* Insightful discussions of how the typical sales process and model has changed over the years and how to adapt to the new realities of the discipline

An engaging and eye-opening resource for early- and mid-career sales professionals, as well as business development and customer success practitioners, The Innovative Seller will also prove invaluable to managers and executives at quickly growing companies who seek to optimize their firms' sales processes and results.

Acknowledgments ix

About the Author xiii

Chapter 1 Innovation Isn't Hard, Breaking Old Habits Is 1

Chapter 2 Introducing the 4 Cs of Modern Sales Transformation 13

Chapter 3 The First C: Commitment to Technology and AI Proficiency: People, Process, and Technology 29

Chapter 4 The Second C: Current Outbound and GTM Strategy: Pillars 1 and 2 49

Chapter 5 The Second C: Current Outbound and GTM Strategy: Pillar 3 65

Chapter 6 The Third C: Customized Sales Experience 83

Chapter 7 Engineering Your Sales Process for Speed 97

Chapter 8 Mapping Your Sales Experience--the Early Stages 115

Chapter 9 Mapping Your Sales Experience-- During the Late Stages 137

Chapter 10 Mapping Your Sales Experience-- to Current Customers 153

Chapter 11 The Fourth C: Consistent Performance Optimization 169

Chapter 12 The Future of Sales: Generative AI and the Changing Role of Sales 187

Index 203
"Innovative Seller offers an invigorating perspective on sales, challenging conventional methods with dynamic strategies for success in today's fast-paced business environment." - Lars Nilsson- Former VP of Sales at Snowflake, Cloudera, and Hewlett Packard

"Through Innovative Seller, Jake provides a roadmap to sales success that is both innovative and practical, offering a definitive guide for the modern salesperson seeking to excel."- Alyssa Merwin,VP, Global Sales Solutions at LinkedIn

"Innovative Seller is a brilliant blend of innovative strategies and real-world applications, making it a key resource for sales professionals seeking to elevate their performance and impact." - Mark Roberge, Co-Founder Stage2Capital, Harvard Lecturer, Former Hubpsot CRO

"In Innovative Seller, Jake masterfully combines practical insights with inspiring stories, offering a unique blend of theory and practice. It's a must-read for anyone eager to excel in modern sales and transform their approach."- John Eitel, CRO Demandbase, Former Global SVP of Sales at Canva, Former VP of Sales at WP Engine and Rackspace
JAKE DUNLAP is the CEO and Founder of Skaled, a consultancy focused on helping global 2000 companies and start-ups grow by optimizing their sales process, people, and technology with customized, repeatable and sustainable strategies. Prior to Skaled, Jake headed Sales & Customer Success for Chartbeat. Within the first nine months of his tenure, he grew annual bookings by more than 300 percent year-over-year and nearly doubled monthly recurring revenue. Before that, Jake was the VP of Sales at Glassdoor, where he expanded the department from one to 40 employees and grew employer-direct revenue from $0 to nearly $1 million in monthly recurring revenue. Since launching Skaled in 2013, Jake has been a sought-after industry thought leader, quoted by Forbes, Inc., The New York Times, and Huffington Post.