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Narcissism For Dummies

Smith, Laura L.


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352 Seiten, Softcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-18235-0
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Recognize narcissists in your life and set healthy boundaries to start healing today

Narcissism For Dummies pulls back the curtain on a growing and misunderstood personality. This book digs into dimensions of narcissism, grandiosity, malignancy, and vulnerability, giving you the knowledge and perspective you need to identify narcissists in your life and set limits on unacceptable behavior. It also takes a look at how society plays a part in fostering narcissism, for example through social media. You'll walk away from Narcissism For Dummies with a clearer sense of the personality trait, as well as necessary coping mechanisms and tools to deal with the narcissists in your life.
* Deal with narcissistic parents, bosses, coworkers, relatives, romantic partners, and beyond
* Discover tactics and exercises for identifying, disarming, and protecting yourself from narcissists
* Set limits, establish healthy boundaries, and rebuild your self-confidence
* Understand narcissistic personality in all its manifestations

Anyone whose life has been touched by narcissism will find this book helpful, whether you're coming to terms with a loved one's diagnosis, dealing with a narcissist in the workplace, or working to move forward after leaving a narcissistic relationship.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Reflecting on Narcissism 5

Chapter 1: Narcissism: The Big Picture 7

Chapter 2: Taking a Closer Look at Narcissism 19

Chapter 3: Better Together? Considering Collective Narcissism 35

Chapter 4: Tracing the Roots of Narcissism to Parenting 45

Part 2: Interacting with Narcissists 59

Chapter 5: Dealing with Narcissistic Partners 61

Chapter 6: The Effects of Narcissistic Parenting 85

Chapter 7: Close Encounters with Narcissists 107

Chapter 8: Exploring Vulnerabilities: Who Attracts a Narcissist 121

Chapter 9: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse: A Tool Kit 131

Part 3: Recognizing Narcissists' Emotions and Behaviors 151

Chapter 10: Exploring the Nuances of Self-Esteem and Narcissism 153

Chapter 11: Assessing Narcissistic Aggression 163

Chapter 12: Feeling Entitled to Everything 179

Chapter 13: The Struggling Narcissist: Coping with Co-Occurring Disorders 191

Chapter 14: Success Is in the Eye of the (Narcissistic) Beholder 203

Part 4: How Culture Cultivates Narcissism 213

Chapter 15: Staying Connected but Alone: Narcissism and the Social Media Effect 215

Chapter 16: Everyone Is Just So Special: How Culture Fans the Narcissist's Flame 225

Chapter 17: Incivility and Narcissism: A Growing Concern 233

Part 5: Treating Narcissism 241

Chapter 18: Seeking Help 243

Chapter 19: Taking the Psychodynamic Approach to Treating Narcissism 255

Chapter 20: Changing Thoughts and Behaviors with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 265

Chapter 21: Coping Skills for Narcissists: Dialectical Behavior Therapy 285

Part 6: The Part of Tens 303

Chapter 22: Ten Quick Ways to Diffuse Narcissistic Behavior 305

Chapter 23: Ten Tips for Leaving a Narcissistic Relationship 311

Index 315
Laura L. Smith, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has helped many patients with narcissistic personality disorder, as well as those suffering the effects of having a relationship with a narcissist. She is the author of Anxiety & Depression For Dummies Workbook, Anger Management For Dummies, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder For Dummies.

L. L. Smith, Presbyterian Medical Group