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Holistic Practice in Healthcare

The Burford NDU Person-centred Model

Johns, Christopher (Herausgeber)


2. Auflage August 2023
240 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-19471-1
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Holistic Practice in Healthcare

Make holistic and person-centred practice a lived reality in any practice setting, improving patient care through application of the Burford NDU model

Holistic Practice in Healthcare is the 30th anniversary review and development of a holistic model that enables practitioners, organisations, and educators to unleash their therapeutic potential and deliver patient-centred care. This model gives structure and direction to practice in a range of practice settings, and includes information on:
* Systems for tuning practitioners into the holistic vision, communicating holistic practice, and organising delivery of holistic practice
* Systems for enabling practitioners to realise holistic practice and to live and ensure holistic quality
* Reflections from primary and associate nurses on using this holistic model at Burford and the Oxford Community Hospital, and on applying the model in an acute medical unit, community setting, and hospice setting
* Establishing a learning culture to support holistic practice through leadership
* Contributions from professors Jean Watson and Brendan McCormack, highlighting the essential significance of holistic practice in the modern world

Providing key insight from practitioners of the Burford NDU model, Holistic Practice in Healthcare is an essential resource for all nurses and healthcare professionals looking to become holistic practitioners.

List of Contributors vii

Foreword by Jean Watson ix

Foreword by Brendan Mccormack xiii

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxv

1 Holistic or Person-centred Vision for Practice 1
Christopher Johns

2 Setting Out the Burford NDU Model 19
Christopher Johns

Part 1 The 5 Systems

3 System to Tuning Practitioners into the Holistic Vision 35
Christopher Johns

4 System for Communicating Holistic Practice 41
Christopher Johns

5 System for Organising Delivery of Holistic Practice 57
Christopher Johns

6 A System for Enabling Practitioners to Realise Holistic Practice 65
Christopher Johns

7 A System to Enable Practitioners to Live Quality 81
Christopher Johns

Part 2 Practitioner Accounts

8 Caring as Mutual Empowerment: Working with the BNDU Model at Burford 91
Lyn Sutherland

9 Discovering the Art of Nursing: Using the BNDU Model at Burford 101
Roger Cowell

10 Just Following Care? Reflections of Associate Nurses in Using the BNDU Model at Burford 113
Kate Butcher and Jan Dewing

11 The BNDU Model in Use at the Oxford Community Hospital 131
Brendan McCormack, Carol McCaffrey, and Susan Booker

12 Using the BNDU Model in the Community 149
Susan Metcalf and Christopher Johns

13 Applying the BNDU Model in an Acute Medical Unit [7e] 161
Robert Garbett

14 Peter and Sam 179
Christopher Johns

15 Holistic Practice Matters 185
Christopher Johns

Appendix 1 193

Appendix 2 201

Appendix 3 203

Index 205
Christopher Johns, Educational and Organisational Consultant in Reflective Practices; retired Professor of Nursing at the University of Bedfordshire; Honorary Scholar, Global Academy of Holistic Nursing, and awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2010.

C. Johns, University of Bedfordshire, Cornwall, UK