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How to Be a 20-Minute Trader

An Essential Guide for All Traders in Any Market

Russell, Jeremy


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224 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-20522-6
John Wiley & Sons

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An easy and straightforward stock trading system perfect for investors in any kind of market

In How to Be a 20-Minute Trader: An Essential Guide for All Traders in Any Market, celebrated investor and trading educator Jeremy Russell delivers an incisive and one-of-a-kind guide to capitalizing on small movements in stock prices with call options...all within just 20 minutes. The author's system replaces the complicated cauldron of charts, symbols, strategies, and monitors with a straightforward method of predicting several-cent increases in stock prices, buying them before they occur, and selling them a few moments later.

You'll find trading techniques that don't rely on hard-to-predict market trends or put your money at the mercy of unanticipated market crashes. You'll also discover:
* Strategies that don't require additional or specialized training or education in investing
* A comprehensive system that lacks a long runway, allowing you to get started implementing its lessons immediately
* A style that makes even complex investing concepts seem easy, simple, and straightforward

The perfect roadmap to effective trading for investors and traders from all walks of life, How to Be a 20-Minute Trader is an essential resource towards making money in the markets without leaving your cash at risk for more than a few minutes at a time.

Foreword vii

Introduction xi

Chapter 1: First Trading Update 1

Chapter 2: Ride the Wake of the Boat 5

Chapter 3: What Is the Stock Market? 7

Chapter 4: Trading Update 15

Chapter 5: Trading Terms Made Easy 17

Chapter 6: What Is a Call Option? 27

Chapter 7: Five Rules I Follow 37

Chapter 8: Trading Account 41

Chapter 9: Do's and Don'ts 45

Chapter 10: Trading Update 53

Chapter 11: Charts 55

Chapter 12: The Dow Jones Industrial Average 63

Chapter 13: Story of Discovery 65

Chapter 14: Pattern Discovery How- to 77

Chapter 15: Call Options -- Full Explanation 91

Chapter 16: The Psychology of Trading 97

Chapter 17: Trading Update 103

Chapter 18: The Bulletproof Strategy 105

Chapter 19: Trading Update 123

Chapter 20: Now What Should I Do? 127

Chapter 21: Is 20- Minute Trading Really That Easy? 131

Chapter 22: All That 20- Minute Trader Offers 171

Chapter 23: Everyone Needs a Frank 183

Chapter 24: Confession 185

Glossary 189

About the Author 197

Index 199
JEREMY RUSSELL is the Founder of 20-Minute Trader(r), a trading system he's taught to over 150,000 people. His system has been beta tested by dozens of traders, back tested with custom software and algorithms, and polished and refined through countless adjustments.