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Connected Vehicular Systems

Communication, Control, and Optimization

Guo, Ge / Wen, Shixi


1. Auflage Oktober 2023
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ISBN: 978-1-394-20546-2
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A framework for the analysis and design of connected vehicle systems, featuring numerous simulations, experimental studies, and problem-solving approaches

Connected Vehicular Systems synthesizes the research advances of the past decade to provide readers with practical tools to analyze and design all aspects of connected autonomous vehicle systems, addressing a series of major issues and challenges in autonomous connected vehicles and transportation systems, such as sensing, communication, control design, and command actuating. The text provides direct methodologies for solving important problems such as speed planning, cooperative adaptive cruise control, platooning, and string traffic flow stability, with numerous simulations and experimental studies for implementing algorithms and parameter settings.

To help the reader better understand and implement the concepts discussed, the text includes a variety of worked examples, including those related to car following, vehicular platooning problem, string stability, cooperative adaptive cruise control, and vehicular communications.

Written by two highly qualified academics with significant experience in the field, Connected Vehicular Systems includes information on:

* Varying communication ranges, interruptions, and topologies, along with controls for event-triggered communication

* Fault-tolerant and adaptive fault-tolerant controls with actuator saturation, input quantization, and dead-zone nonlinearity

* Prescribed performance concurrent controls, adaptive sliding mode controls, and speed planning for various scenarios, such as to reduce inter-vehicle spacing

* Control paradigms aimed at relaxing communications constraints and optimizing system performance

* Detailed algorithms and parameter settings that readers can implement in their own work to drive progress in the field

Connected Vehicular Systems is an essential resource on the subject for mechanical and automotive engineers and researchers involved with the design and development of self-driving cars and intelligent transportation systems, along with graduate students in courses that cover vehicle controls within the context of control systems or vehicular systems engineering.

Ge Guo is a Professor at Northeastern University, China, having previously held positions as a Professor at Dalian Maritime University and as Director of the Institute of Intelligent Robotics at Lanzhou University of Technology.

Shixi Wen is an Associate Professor at Dalian University.

G. Guo, Northeastern University, China; S. Wen, Dalian University, China