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The Flawless Consulting Fieldbook & Companion

A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise

Block, Peter


2. Auflage Februar 2024
352 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-20572-1
John Wiley & Sons

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The perfect resource for consultants, updated for a transformed and rapidly evolving market

In the newly revised second edition of the Flawless Consulting Fieldbook, best-selling author and consultant Peter Block delivers an invaluable companion to the fourth edition of his popular Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Understanding Your Expertise. In the book, you'll find an expansive toolkit you can draw on for information and guidance in the midst of your next consulting engagement. It's a just-in-time literary aid that you can read from front-to-back, or one you can grab and skip to a specific thread or theme you need to read about right now.

In the book, you'll discover:
* How the flawless consulting skills are being applied in a wide variety of situations by people with unique and different ways of bringing their gifts in the world. Just like you.
* How to act on what you know to use a variety of approaches to create experiences aligned with your intent and strategy
* How to view resistance as an ally instead of a problem to be solved or overcome.

An invaluable collection of resources for consultants everywhere, Flawless Consulting Fieldbook, 2nd edition will rapidly become your most used and dog-eared reference for everyday consulting engagements.


The Icons

I No Fast and Easy Way

1 Flawless -- M. J. Wheatley

2 Transformation: Slow, Small, and Low Cost -- Dan Joyner

3 Risk Is Where You Find It -- Peter Block

4 Consultant, Flawed -- Ken Murphy

II The Complexity of Advice

5 Partners for Possibility -- Louise van Rhyn

6 Changing Focus -- Patrick Dolan

7 Be Careful Who You Ask -- Andrea Markowitz

8 Dealing with Resistance -- Phil Grosnick

III The Power of the Question

9 Flawless Goes to Parliament -- Joe Maalouf

10 A Cautionary Tale -- Jill Janov

11 Change Is in the Details -- Peter Block

12 Talk Is Walk -- Peter Koestenbaum

13 So, What's Working Here? -- Elizabeth McGrath

IV Emotions and the Personal

14 From Organization Development to Making Music -- Marvin Weisbord

15 One Woman's Wisdom -- Rosemarie Barbeau

16 Sneaking the Spirit In -- John Schuster

V Valuing Capacities

17 Consultant for the Classroom -- Ward Mailliard and Peter Block

18 Talking with Sled Dogs: Leading from Behind -- Sam Magill

19 Investing in Our Humanity: Women's Leadership Collaborative -- Nancy Voss

VI Integrating Strategy and Experience

20 The Engagement Paradigm -- Dick and Emily Axelrod

21 Unleashing the Magic in Organizations -- Paul Tolchinsky,

Kathie Dannemiller, and Sylvia James

22 Nancy's Advice -- Nancy Sanchez

23 Anonymous Interviews? Definitely Yes and No -- Neale Clapp and Liz Clapp O'Connor

24 Community: Once upon a Time in a Place Called Home -- David and Carole Schwinn

25 How Is Who Doing? -- Peter Block

VII No Masks No Bargains

26 Proximal Health: A Surgeon's Perspective -- Paul Uhlig

27 My Worst Consulting Nightmare -- Amy Katz

28 Seven Questions to the Most Frequently Asked Answers -- Peter Block


Selected Bibliography


About the Author

PETER BLOCK is a bestselling author and the founder of Designed Learning, a training company that offers workshops designed to build the skills he describes in his books. He is deeply involved in his community, including his local neighborhood council, and is Director Emeritus of Elementz, an urban arts center in Cincinnati.

P. Block, Peter Block Company and Designed Learning