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Technology Innovation for the Circular Economy

Recycling, Remanufacturing, Design, System Analysis and Logistics

Nasr, Nabil (Herausgeber)


1. Auflage Februar 2024
816 Seiten, Hardcover
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ISBN: 978-1-394-21426-6
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The book comprises 56 peer-reviewed chapters comprehensively covering in-depth areas of circular economy design, planning, business models, and enabling technologies.

Some of the greatest opportunities for innovation in the circular economy are in remanufacturing, refurbishment, reuse, and recycling. Critical to its growth, however, are developments in product design approaches and the manufacturing business model that are often met with challenges in the current, largely linear economies of today's global manufacturing chains.

The conference hosted by the REMADE Institute in Rochester, NY, brought together U.S. and international researchers, industry engineers, technologists, and policymakers, to discuss the myriad intertwining issues relating to the circular economy.

This book consists of 56 chapters in 10 distinct parts covering broad areas of research and applications in the circular economy area. The first four parts explore the system level work related to circular economy approaches, models and advancements including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to guide implementation, as well as design for circularity approaches. Mechanical and chemical recycling technologies follow, highlighting some of the most advanced research in those areas. Next, innovation in remanufacturing is addressed with descriptions of some of the most advanced work in this field. This is followed by tire remanufacturing and recycling, highlighting innovative technologies in addressing the volume of end-of-use tires. Pathways to net-zero emissions in manufacturing of materials concludes the book, with a focus on industrial decarbonization.


This book has a wide audience in academic institutes, business professionals and engineers in a variety of manufacturing industries. It will also appeal to economists and policymakers working on the circular economy, clean tech investors, industrial decision-makers, and environmental professionals.

Preface xxvii

Part 1: Circular Economy 1

1 Standards as Enablers for a Circular Economy 3
K.C. Morris, Vincenzo Ferrero, Buddhika Hapuwatte, Noah Last and Nehika Mathur

2 Circularity Index: Performance Assessment of a Low-Carbon and Circular Economy 17
Luis Gabriel Carmona, Kai Whiting and Jonathan Cullen

3 Biodegradable Polymers For Circular Economy Transitions--Challenges and Opportunities 29
Koushik Ghosh and Brad H. Jones

4 Evaluating Nationwide Supply Chain for Circularity of PET and Olefin Plastics 43
Tasmin Hossain, Damon S. Hartley, Utkarsh S. Chaudhari, David R. Shonnard, Anne T. Johnson and Yingqian Lin

5 NextCycle: Building Robust Circular Economies Through Partnership and Innovation 55
Juri Freeman

6 My So-Called Trash: Evaluating the Recovery Potential of Textiles in New York City Residential Refuse 63
Sarah Coulter, Constanza Gomez, Agustina Mir and Janel Twogood

7 When is it Profitable to Make a Product Sustainable? Insights from a Decision-Support Tool 75
Karan Bhuwalka, Jessica Sonner, Lisa Lin, Mirjam Ambrosius and A. E. Hosoi

8 Clean Energy Technologies, Critical Materials, and the Potential for Remanufacture 95
T.E. Graedel

Part 2: Enabling a Circular Economy Through AI & Machine Learning 101

9 Towards Eliminating Recycling Confusion: Mixed Plastics and Electronics Case Study 103
Amin Sarafraz, Nicholas Alvarez, Jonas Toussaint, Felipe Rangel, Lamar Giggetts and Shawn Wilborne

10 Identification and Separation of E-Waste Components Using Modified Image Recognition Model Based on Advanced Deep Learning Tools 115
Rahulkumar Sunil Singh, Subbu Venkata Satyasri Harsha Pathapati, Michael L. Free and Prashant K Sarswat

11 Enhanced Processing of Aluminum Scrap at End-of-Life via Artificial Intelligence & Smart Sensing 129
Sean McCoy Langan, Emily Molstad, Ben Longo, Caleb Ralphs, Robert De Saro, Diran Apelian and Sean Kelly

12 Deep Learning for Defect Detection in Inspection 143
Mohammad Mohammadzadeh, Pallavi Dubey, Elif Elcin Gunay, John K. Jackman, Gül E. Okudan Kremer and Paul A. Kremer

Part 3: Design for Circularity 157

13 Calculator for Sustainable Tradeoff Optimization in Multi-Generational Product Family Development Considering Re-X Performances 159
Michael Saidani, Xinyang Liu, Dylan Huey, Harrison Kim, Pingfeng Wang, Atefeh Anisi, Gul Kremer, Andrew Greenlee and Troy Shannon

14 A Practical Methodology for Developing and Prioritizing Remanufacturing Design Rules 171
Brian Hilton

15 Recyclability Feedback for Part Assemblies in Computer-Aided Design Software 183
Bert Bras and Richard Lootens

Part 4: Systems Analysis 197

16 Preliminary Work Towards A Cross Lifecycle Design Tool for Increased High-Quality Metal Recycling 199
Daniel R. Cooper, Aya Hamid, Seyed M. Heidari, Alissa Tsai and Yongxian Zhu

17 Assessing the Status Quo of U.S. Steel Circularity and Decarbonization Options 211
Barbara K. Reck, Yongxian Zhu, Shahana Althaf and Daniel R. Cooper

18 Fiber and Fabric-Integrated Tracing Technologies for Textile Sorting and Recycling: A Review 223
Brian Iezzi, Max Shtein, Tairan Wang and Mordechai Rothschild

19 A Systems Approach to Addressing Industrial Products Circularity Challenges 239
Manish Gupta and Umeshwar Dayal

20 Environmental and Economic Analyses of Chemical Recycling via Dissolution of Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate 255
Utkarsh S. Chaudhari, Daniel G. Kulas, Alejandra Peralta, Robert M. Handler, Anne T. Johnson, Barbara K. Reck, Vicki S. Thompson, Damon S. Hartley, Tasmin Hossain, David W. Watkins and David R. Shonnard

21 Techno-Economic Analysis of a Material Recovery Facility Employing Robotic Sorting Technology 269
S.M. Mizanur Rahman and Barbara K. Reck

22 Key Strategies in Industry for Circular Economy: Analysis of Remanufacturing and Beneficial Reuse 279
Subodh Chaudhari, Sachin Nimbalkar, Bruce Lung, Marco Gonzalez, Bert Hill and Bryant Esch

23 Spatio-Temporal Life Cycle Assessment of NMC111 Hydrometallurgical Recycling in the US 297
Francis Hanna, Luyao Yuan, Calvin Somers and Annick Anctil

Part 5: Mechanical Recycling 309

24 Diverting Mixed Polyolefins from Municipal Solid Waste to Feedstocks for Automotive and Construction Applications 311
Tanyaradzwa S. Muzata, Alexandra Alford, Laurent Matuana, Ramani Narayan, Lawrence Drzal, Kari Bliss and Muhammad Rabnawaz

25 Ultrahigh-Speed Extrusion of Recycled Film-Grade LDPE and Injection Molding Characterization 321
Peng Gao, Joshua Krantz, Olivia Ferki, Zarek Nieduzak, Sarah Perry, Davide Masato and Margaret J. Sobkowicz

26 Composites from Post-Consumer Polypropylene Carpet and HDPE Retail Bags 333
Anuj Maheshwari, Mohamadreza Youssefi Azarfam, Siddhesh Chaudhari, Clinton Switzer, Jay C. Hanan, Sudheer Bandla, Ranji Vaidyanathan and Frank D. Blum

27 Upcycling of Aerospace Aluminum Scrap 343
Mohamed Aboukhatwa and David Weiss

28 Stabilization of Waste Plastics with Lightly Pyrolyzed Crumb Rubber in Asphalt 355
Yuetan Ma, Hongyu Zhou, Pawel Polaczyk and Baoshan Huang

29 Analysis and Design for Sustainable Circularity of Barrier Films Used in Sheet Molding Composites Production 365
Farshid Nazemi, Bhavik Bakshi, Jose Castro, Rachmat Mulyana, Rebecca Hanes, Saikrishna Mukkamala, Kevin Dooley, George Basile, George Stephanopoulos, Andrea Nahas, Aleen Kujur and Todd Hyche

30 An Update on PVC Plastic Circularity and Emerging Advanced Recovery Technologies for End-of-Life PVC Materials 379
Domenic DeCaria

31 Dynamic Crosslinking for EVA Recycling 395
Kimberly Miller McLoughlin, Alireza Bandegi, Jayme Kennedy, Amin Jamei Oskouei, Sarah Mitchell, Michelle K. Sing, Thomas Gray and Ica Manas-Zloczower

Part 6: Chemical Recycling 407

32 Performing Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Glycolysis in a Torque Rheometer Using Decreasing Temperatures 409
Jonathan Hatt, Karl Englund and Hui Li

33 Sustainable Petrochemical Alternatives From Plastic Upcycling 421
Ryan A. Hackler and Robert M. Kennedy

34 PE Upcycling Using Ozone and Acid Treatments 433
Michael S. Behrendt, Brandon D. Howard, Scott Calabrese-Barton, John R. Dorgan, Samantha Au Gee and Amit Gokale

35 Enzyme-Based Biotechnologies for Removing Stickies and Regaining Fiber Quality in Paper Recycling 449
Yun Wang, Cornellius Marcello, Neha Sawant, Swati Sood, Qaseem Haider, Abdus Salam and Kecheng Li

36 Removal of Iron and Manganese Impurities from Secondary Aluminum Melts Using Microstructural Engineering Techniques 463
M.K. Sinha, B. Mishra, J. Hiscocks, B. Davi, S.K. Das, T. Grosko and J. Pickens

37 A Novel Solvent-Based Recycling Technology: From Theory to Pilot Plant 477
Ezra Bar-Ziv, Shreyas Kolapkar, George W. Huber and Reid C. Van Lehn

38 Valorization of Plastic Waste via Advanced Separation and Processing 495
Paschalis Alexandridis, Karthik Dantu, Christian Ferger, Ali Ghasemi, Gabrielle Kerr, Vaishali Maheshkar, Javid Rzayev, Nicholas Stavinski, Thomas Thundat, Marina Tsianou, Luis Velarde and Yaoli Zhao

Part 7: Innovations in Remanufacturing 507

39 Image-Based Machine Learning in Automotive Used Parts Identification for Remanufacturing 509
Abu Islam, Suvrat Jain, Nenad G. Nenadic, Michael G.Thurston, Justin Greenberg and Brad Moss

40 Image-Based Methods for Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards 527
Nicholas Gardner, Cooper Linsky, Everardo FriasRios and Nenad Nenadic

41 Effects of Ultrasonic Impact Treatment on the Fatigue Performance of the High Strength Alloy Steel 541
Joha Shamsujjoha, Shirley Garcia Ruano, Mark Walluk, Michael Thurston and M. Ravi Shankar

42 Mechanical Properties of High Carbon Steel Coatings on Gray Cast Iron Formed by Twin Wire ARC 555
K. DePalma, M. Walluk and L. P. Martin

43 Towards Development of Additive Manufacturing Material and Process Technologies to Improve the Re-Manufacturing Efficiency of Commercial Vehicle Tires 573
Yiqun Fu, Tadek Kosmal, Ren Bean, Robert Radulescu, Timothy E. Long and Christopher B. Williams

Part 8: Tire Recycling and Remanufacturing 585

44 Crumb Rubber From End-of-Life Tires to Reduce the Environmental Impact and Material Intensity of Road Pavements 587
Angela Farina, Annick Anctil and M. Emin Kutay

45 Tire Life Assessment for Increasing Re-Manufacturing of Commercial Vehicle Tires 599
Vispi Karkaria, Jie Chen, Chase Siuta, Damien Lim, Robert Radelescu and Wei Chen

46 Recycling Waste Tire Rubber in Asphalt Pavement Design and Construction 613
Dongzhao Jin and Zhanping You

47 Chemical Pre-Treatment of Tire Rubbers for Froth Flotation Separation of Butyl and Non-Butyl Rubbers 625
Haruka Pinegar and Jeffrey Spangenberger

48 Development of Manufacturing Technologies to Increase Scrap Steel Recycling Into New Tires 639
Seetharaman Sridhar, Subramaniam Rajan, Robert Radulescu and Narayanan Neithalath

Part 9: E-Scrap Recycling 651

49 Selective Leaching and Electrochemical Purification for the Recovery of Tantalum from Tantalum Capacitors 653
R. Adcock, T. Chen, N. Click, M.-F. Tseng and M. Tao

50 Recovery of Lead in Silicon Solar Modules 665
Natalie Click, Randy Adcock and Meng Tao

51 Thermolysis Processing of Waste Printed Circuit Boards: Char-Metals Mixture Characterization for Recovery of Base and Precious Metals 677
Mohammad Rezaee, Joelson P. M. Alves, Sarma V. Pisupati, Charles Ludwig, Henry Brandhorst and Ernest Zavoral

52 Circular Economy and the Digital Divide: Assessing Opportunity for Value Retention Processes in the Consumer Electronics Sector 697
Kyle Parnell, Constanza Berrón, Chelsea Gulliver, Michael Thurston and Nabil Nasr

Part 10: Pathways to Net Zero Emissions 713

53 Emission Reduction for an Imflux Constant Pressure Injection Molding Process 715
Birchmeier, Brandon, Lawless III, William F. and Santini, Kelly

54 Circular Economy Contributions to Decarbonizing the US Steel Sector 725
Julien Walzberg and Alberta Carpenter

55 Environmentally Extended Input-Output (EEIO) Modeling for Industrial Decarbonization Opportunity Assessment: A Circular Economy Case Study 739
Samuel Gause, Heather Liddell, Caroline Dollinger, Jordan Steen and Joe Cresko

56 Pathways to Net Zero Emissions in Manufacturing and Materials Production- HVAC OEMs Perspective 755
Deba Maitra, Swathy Ramaswamy, Cal Krause and Tiffany Waymer

Acknowledgements 764

References 764

Index 767
Nabil Nasr is the CEO of the REMADE Institute, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director of the Golisano Institute of Sustainability at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA. Dr. Nasr launched RIT's Center for Remanufacturing and Resource Recovery (C3R(r)). His research focuses on sustainable manufacturing, circular economy, remanufacturing, life-cycle engineering, clean production, and sustainable product development. He is a member of the International Resource Panel of the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP), and serves on the board of trustees for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. He has served as a US expert and expert delegate in international forums such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, United Nations, World Trade Organization, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

N. Nasr, REMADE Institute, Rochester, New York, USA