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AI and the Future of Education

Teaching in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Shah, Priten


1. Auflage September 2023
256 Seiten, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-21924-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Clear away the fog surrounding AI in education--and regain your peace of mind

Among teachers, there is a cloud of rumors, confusion, and fear surrounding the rise of artificial intelligence. AI and the Future of Education is a timely response to this general state of panic, showing you that AI is a tool to leverage, not a threat to teaching and learning. By understanding what AI is, what it does, and how it can be used to enhance education, you can let go of anxiety and uncertainty, and learn to embrace artificial intelligence.

It's true that, along with tremendous opportunities, AI presents some challenges for the field of education. In this book, Priten Shah, a Harvard M.Ed. with a robust background in educational innovation, helps you face these challenges head on, so you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to use AI effectively in your classroom. Thanks to this thorough consideration of ethical considerations and practical approaches, you can develop your own strategy for leveraging AI in administrative tasks, lesson design, professional development, and beyond.
* Understand what AI and machine learning are, and learn about new developments like ChatGPT
* Discover strategies for engaging students more fully using AI
* Automate administrative tasks, grading and feedback, and assessments
* Use AI in innovative ways to promote higher-order thinking skills
* Examine ethical considerations of AI, including the achievement gap, privacy concerns, and bias

For K-12 educators, as well as leaders and policymakers who want to understand the role of technology in education, AI and the Future of Education is a valuable resource that can change AI from an unknown entity to an indispensable tool.


Chapter 1: Embracing AI in Education

Chapter 2: Defining AI

Chapter 3: Reframing Education in the Age of AI

Chapter 4: Adapting Pedagogy for AI Integration

Chapter 5: Using AI in Curriculum Development

Chapter 6: Automating Administrative Tasks

Chapter 7: Boosting Engagement and Motivation

Chapter 8: Teaching Students about AI

Chapter 9: Ethical Considerations for AI in Education

Chapter 10: Teacher Professional Development in the AI Era

Chapter 11: Adapting and Growing with AI in Education
"This book makes a strong case that generative AI models are more than obstacles for educators to work around, and that if used thoughtfully and creatively, they can help teachers and administrators prepare their students to thrive in a rapidly changing technological environment. Shah understands that using AI in our classrooms won't come naturally to most of us and offers concrete suggestions throughout, ranging from useful tips for modifying traditional assignments all the way to insightful recommendations for reimagining what the aims of formal education ought to be in the first place."
--Jeff Behrends, Senior Research Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Harvard University

"Shah provides a step-by-step guide that implores educators to eschew their worst impulses to over-manage or hide from AI, and to instead, turn their focus to what schools, on behalf of students, must do: adapt and innovate. His book is the first step in re-envisioning the academic process and preparing the next generation of learners."
--Joseph Carver, Chief Innovation Officer, The Meadows School

"Priten Shah's knowledge, experience, and spirit of public service in the fields of AI and education make this book essential reading for educators at all levels. He offers a must-read for teachers, administrators, parents, and policy makers on the voyage to best practices for using AI in classrooms."
--Anne L'Hommedieu-Sanderson, Executive Director, ThinkerAnalytix and Associate of the Department of Philosophy, Harvard University

"While teaching in the age of artificial intelligence may be intimidating for some, Shah's cogent and concise book is a great asset for educators, administrators, and school boards. AI and the Future of Education can especially help teachers better understand and incorporate the possibilities of AI as they continue to keep students at the center of all they do."
--Ajay Nair, Ph.D., President, Arcadia University
PRITEN SHAH is CEO of Pedagogy.Cloud, which provides innovative technology solutions to help educators navigate global challenges in a rapidly evolving world. He is also founder of the civic-focused nonprofit United 4 Social Change. Priten has a B.A. in philosophy and an M.Ed. in education policy from Harvard University.

P. Shah, Harvard University