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How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times

Rex, Jimmy


1. Auflage April 2024
240 Seiten, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-394-22912-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Become an authentically good person surrounded by healthy and supportive relationships.

In BE ONE: How to Be a Healthy Man in Toxic Times, celebrated founder of We Are The They, a one-of-a-kind movement offering men, their wives, and teens the tools and network they need to thrive, Jimmy Rex, delivers a straightforward roadmap to being, finding, and raising a good man. The book cuts through the noise and offers readers the resources they need to live a deeply fulfilling and extraordinary life.

Insightfully vulnerable and highly practical, this book is packed with funny storytelling, essential life skills, and proven practices. It uncovers deep-rooted issues that have kept you disconnected from your needs and desires, and it offers solutions to your most complex problems. You'll also find:
* A framework for self-actualization directly adapted from the author's famous We Are The They course
* Strategies for overcoming unwanted behaviors and finding a life guided by passion, purpose, and meaning
* Compelling discussions of the hallmarks of goodness and integrity, and their role in living a authentically fulfilling life

Perfect for men, women, parents, and young adults hoping to make meaningful changes in their lives in the face of challenging obstacles, Be One is an empowering and inspiring guide for self-transformation that's accessible to everyone

Foreword ix

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction xix

Chapter 1 Be Decisive 1

Chapter 2 Be Shameless 21

Chapter 3 Be a Warrior 37

Chapter 4 Be Fully Devoted 59

Chapter 5 Be There But Really Be There 77

Chapter 6 Be a Man 93

Chapter 7 Be That Friend 107

Chapter 8 Be Love to Get Loved 125

Bonus Chapter 1 Find One 151

Bonus Chapter 2 Raise One 161

Chapter 9 Be the King 171

Chapter 10 Be Extraordinary 191

Conclusion 203

About the Author 209

Index 211
"Jimmy Rex's BE ONE is a beacon of hope and transformation in a world that desperately needs it. Drawing from his profound experiences, Jimmy created a masterful guide that challenges and uplifts. Every page resonates with authenticity and passion!"
- Jon Gordon, 15x bestselling author of The Energy Bus and The One Truth

"In BE ONE, Jimmy Rex masterfully captures the essence of growth and purpose. I've always believed anything is achievable if you're audacious enough to dream and pursue. This book is a testament to this, guiding every reader through a journey of self-discovery and profound gain. It's not just a read, but a revelation."
- Forbes Riley, award-winning talk show host and bestselling author

"This is the missing link you are looking for! Business, making money, and financial freedom have a foundation it should be built on... and that is this book! Great job, Jimmy! This is a must-read!"
- Pace Morby, author, investor, entrepreneur, speaker

"If you are a man, reading this book may support your own journey around masculine expression in a rapidly changing world. Jimmy has a profound way of turning complex ideas into digestible, relatable, and applicable life guidance. What makes Jimmy unique is his vast life experience, how he has reflected on his life, and how he has chosen deliberately to grow over and over again, redefining himself where possible and walking his talk. The journey to genuine self-worth is not easy, and Jimmy has walked where few have. Read, feel, and absorb this book! Your soul will thank you for it."
- Stefanos Sifandos, high-performance & relationship coach

"This is the handbook that men should read and apply if they're finally ready to step up and step into their greatness!"
- Bedros Keuilian, serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp

"Jimmy Rex writes BE ONE out of the passion that drives his life and fuels his mission. He pivoted from his extraordinary career as an entrepreneur to creating a tribe for men committed to thriving and living out healthy masculinity."
- Erwin McManus, founder of the Arean and author of Mind Shift

"In BE ONE, Jimmy crafts the path for every man to live a truly courageous life! A life that doesn't shrink in the face of adversity or the constructed barriers of society. A life that has meaning, impact, and fulfillment... the way life should be lived."
-Mel H. Abraham, investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and author of The Entrepreneur's Solution

"BE ONE is a modern-day book for men trying to be their best version, but the simple yet authentic approach will allow women to find new ways to successfully navigate masculinity in current times. It's an excellent read for any man or woman who wants to evolve into their best self."
- Diljeet Taylor, BYU women's head cross country coach & associate director of track and field
JIMMY REX is the founder of We Are The They, a one-of-a-kind movement giving men the tools and network needed to become the best versions of themselves. He is an expert in the space of self-transformation and community building and teaching people to find connection, meaning, and a clear sense of purpose.