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Think One Team

The Essential Guide to Building and Connecting Teams

Winter, Graham


3. Auflage Februar 2024
224 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-24104-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Unlock your team's potential

The era of disconnected teams and silo thinking is over. When leaders and teams are not aligned and don't collaborate effectively, they put the whole organisation at risk. A disjointed organisation frustrates employees, irritates customers and causes countless opportunities to be lost. Think One Team: The Essential Guide to Building and Connecting Teams weaves an engaging narrative that reveals how to free your team and organisation of disunity. Inside this innovative bestseller, you'll discover how to establish and nurture the mindset and habits of united leadership, cohesive teamwork and a one-team culture.

With Think One Team, you will learn a powerful model for five practices that will transform fragmented groups into unified teams. Along the way, you'll gain vital skills, tools and methods for being a strong team contributor. A revolutionary 90-day plan will guide you in empowering your team and organisation to truly thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Discover how to:
* Replace obsolete silo-based thinking habits with a mindset that embraces and harnesses diversity in all its dimensions
* Collaborate and co-create to enable agility and adaptability
* Shape a culture where people achieve more together
* Lead, build and connect high-performing teams

It's time to unlock the potential in your team and organisation. Through the entertaining story of the Big Jelly Bean Team - and an easy-to-implement model - you'll learn how to break the cycle of silo-based thinking and empower your team to act as a focused unit. Think One Team is an indispensable resource for creating and sustaining an agile, collaborative culture.

About the Author ix

Acknowledgements xi

Foreword xiii

Introduction xvii

Part I: The Story of The Big Jelly Bean Team 1

1 Real Conversations 5

2 Get The Values off The Wall 21

3 The Compelling Case 37

4 The Five Shares 49

5 Engagement Begins 77

6 United Leadership 83

7 One Team Culture 93

8 Transformation -- The New Norm 111

9 Acceleration 119

10 Inspiration 123

Part II: The Think One Team Method 131

The Foundation 135

The Learning Loop (ACL) 139

United Leadership 143

Coaching The Culture 149

Strengthening Team-To-Team Collaboration 155

Think One Team Programs 175

Summary 181

Sample Chapter: Toolkit for Turbulence 183
GRAHAM WINTER is a Psychologist and Consultant who has led three Australian Olympic campaigns as Chief Psychologist, authored numerous books including Think One Team and Toolkit for Turbulence, and coached and advised dozens of leadership and operations teams in industry, government and universities. He is the founder of Think One Team Consulting.