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Running A Bar For Dummies

Foley, R. / Heath, Heather


3. Auflage Mai 2024
384 Seiten, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-24578-9
John Wiley & Sons

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Run a successful bar and a profitable business with expert advice on every aspect of bar management

Running a Bar For Dummies shows veteran and future bar owners and managers how to establish and maintain a successful business. You'll learn insider tips for keeping customers satisfied and the business operating smoothly. With the easy-to-follow guidance in this book, you can navigate your way through the maze of licensing and permits, develop a business plan, learn how to market your business, and create a profitable establishment. You'll also find clear, no-nonsense guidance on dealing with tough customers. In today's changing industry and economy, you'll need to remain flexible and adapt quickly to changing conditions. This Dummies book shows you how to do exactly that.
* Learn what it takes to own and operate a bar
* Stay on the right side of the law with clear licensing and tax information
* Discover apps, strategies, technology tools. and best practices for staying stocked and making a profit
* Improve your revenue, boost your online presence, spruce up your marketing plan, and find ways to keep your business healthy and viable

Running a Bar For Dummies is great for anyone considering buying or running a bar or pub, or anyone who needs guidance on running an existing bar more efficiently.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Cheers! Getting Started in the Bar Industry 5

Chapter 1: Bar Business Basics 7

Chapter 2: Understanding What It Takes to Own and Operate a Bar 15

Chapter 3: Minding the Money and the Law 29

Chapter 4: Deciding What Type of Bar to Have 51

Part 2: Gearing Up to Open the Doors 63

Chapter 5: Putting Together Your Business Plan 65

Chapter 6: Selecting Your Bar's Site, Décor, and Name 83

Chapter 7: Stocking Up on Smallwares and Equipment 109

Chapter 8: Setting Up Your Bar's Inventory 131

Chapter 9: Planning and Creating Your Menus 147

Part 3: Employees, Customers, and Products: Managing the "Right Stuff" 169

Chapter 10: Hiring, Training, and Keeping Your Employees 171

Chapter 11: Rule #1: Practicing Good Customer Service 195

Chapter 12: Boning Up on Bar Beverages 211

Chapter 13: Getting Ready for Your Grand Opening, Step by Step 231

Part 4: Managing Your Inventory, Revenue, and Future 247

Chapter 14: Controlling Expenses and Operating Efficiently 249

Chapter 15: Keeping Your Bar's Bottom Line from Hitting Bottom 271

Chapter 16: Tackling Technology for Your Bar 285

Chapter 17: Building and Keeping Your Bar Crowd 299

Part 5: The Part of Tens 319

Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Run a Safe Bar 321

Chapter 19: Ten Myths about Running a Bar 327

Chapter 20: Ten Bar Owner Sins Not to Commit, Ever 333

Appendix: Useful Websites for Every Bar Owner 337

Index 341
R. Foley is the publisher of BARTENDER Magazine, the first magazine geared toward bartenders.

Heather Heath is author of Running a Restaurant For Dummies and Jewelry Making & Beading For Dummies. She's also a veteran of the bar and restaurant industry.