Energy Technology provides a forum for researchers and engineers from all relevant disciplines concerned with the generation, conversion, storage, and distribution of energy.

This new journal shall publish articles covering all technical aspects of energy process engineering from different perspectives, e.g.,

  • new concepts of energy generation and conversion;
  • design, operation, control, and optimization of processes for energy generation (e.g., carbon capture) and conversion of energy carriers;
  • improvement of existing processes;
  • combination of single components to systems for energy generation;
  • design of systems for energy storage;
  • production processes of fuels, e.g., hydrogen, electricity, petroleum, biobased fuels;
  • concepts and design of devices for energy distribution.

Fossil fuels are a limited resource, where during the last 250 years humankind has released a large quantity of carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) that our planet had taken about 250 million years to sequester. Both concerns of energy sustainability as well as concerns about the effects of climate change are leading to the investigation of new energy sources with newfound urgency. Renewable energy sources, for instance wind and solar energy, are under rapid development and the first generations are already being commercialized. Due to the unsynchronized timing of energy supply and demand as well as new concepts for transportation technologies, energy storage is becoming an ever more important topic, too. However, traditional energy sources will continue to be a significant portion of our energy supply for the foreseeable future, and the improvement of these existing processes as well as renewable concepts for fuel development are also topics of central importance. Once this energy is generated, improvements in the efficient use and distribution of this energy have the potential to make a large impact closer to the point of use.

Energy Technology is inherently interdisciplinary: important progress is made in fields ranging from process engineering (for biomass conversion and improved combustion) and electrical engineering (for power conversion and developing smart grids) to materials science and chemistry for next-generations photovoltaic devices, batteries, and fuel-cell technology. Energy Technology is well positioned as an international, interdisciplinary journal to record the progress in this field and act as a valuable resource for the energy technology community for years to come. A global energy transition is on the agenda of most governments in developed countries in order to develop a secure and sustainable energy supply, and the global energy demand is still increasing as the demand from emerging nations continues to catch up. Thus a lot of important energy research is going on—and Energy Technology is publishing on the cutting edge!

Print ISSN: 2194-4288
Online ISSN: 2194-4296