Advanced Intelligent Systems provides an open access home for high-quality scientific and engineering research on artificial systems that recognize, process, and respond to stimuli/instructions and learn from experience.

This premium title covers interdisciplinary topics including robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the human-machine interface, control theory and control systems, smart and responsive materials, smart sensing systems, and programmed self-assembly.

Categories of contributions accepted for the journal are Research Articles, Reviews, and Perspectives.

Advanced Intelligent Systems has a 2021 Impact Factor of 7.298 (Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate Analytics, 2022)).

The scope of Advanced Intelligent Systems extends to the application of intelligent systems in industry, medicine, and daily life:

  • Robotics, including legged and humanoid robots, microrobots and nanorobots, swimming and flying robots, biomimetic robots and cyborgs, industrial robotics, and medical robotics.
  • Control systems, including control theory, modeling and design of controllers, micro-controllers, mechanical and digital controllers.
  • Smart sensing systems covering different applications (e.g. optical, temperature, gas, strain, etc.), haptic systems, biosensors, and image sensors.
  • Artificial intelligence, including AI theory, different approaches to AI, perception and logics, language processing, machine learning, neural networks, multi-agent systems, memory and perception, neuromorphic computing, and the neuroscientific aspects of artificial intelligence.
  • The human-machine interface (HMI) and brain-computer interface
  • Programmed/directed self-assembly and stimuli-responsive systems.
  • Ethical/philosophical/political/economical aspects
Online ISSN: 2640-4567