Advanced Intelligent Systems provides an open access home for high-quality scientific and engineering research on artificial systems that recognize, process, and respond to stimuli/instructions and learn from experience.

This premium title covers interdisciplinary topics including robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the human-machine interface, control theory and control systems, smart and responsive materials, smart sensing systems, and programmed self-assembly.

Categories of contributions accepted for the journal are Research Articles, Reviews, and Perspectives.

The scope of Advanced Intelligent Systems extends to the application of intelligent systems in industry, medicine, and daily life:

  • Robotics, including legged and humanoid robots, microrobots and nanorobots, swimming and flying robots, biomimetic robots and cyborgs, industrial robotics, and medical robotics.
  • Control systems, including control theory, modeling and design of controllers, micro-controllers, mechanical and digital controllers.
  • Smart sensing systems covering different applications (e.g. optical, temperature, gas, strain, etc.), haptic systems, biosensors, and image sensors.
  • Artificial intelligence, including AI theory, different approaches to AI, perception and logics, language processing, machine learning, neural networks, multi-agent systems, memory and perception, neuromorphic computing, and the neuroscientific aspects of artificial intelligence.
  • The human-machine interface (HMI) and brain-computer interface
  • Programmed/directed self-assembly and stimuli-responsive systems.
  • Ethical/philosophical/political/economical aspects
Online ISSN: 2640-4567