Advanced NanoBiomed Research will provide an Open Access home for cutting-edge nanomedicine, bioengineering and biomaterials research aimed at improving human health. The journal will capture a broad spectrum of research from increasingly multi- and interdisciplinary fields of the traditional areas of biomedicine, bioengineering and health-related materials science as well as precision and personalized medicine, drug delivery, and artificial intelligence-driven health science.


The scope of Advanced NanoBiomed Research will cover the following key subject areas:

  • Nanomedicine and nanotechnology, with applications in drug and gene delivery, diagnostics, theranostics, photothermal and photodynamic therapy and multimodal imaging.
  • Biomaterials, including hydrogels, 2D materials, biopolymers, composites, biodegradable materials, biohybrids and biomimetics (such as artificial cells, exosomes and extracellular vesicles), as well as all organic and inorganic materials for biomedical applications.
  • Biointerfaces, such as anti-microbial surfaces and coatings, as well as interfaces for cellular engineering, immunoengineering and 3D cell culture.
  • Biofabrication including (bio)inks and technologies, towards generation of functional tissues and organs.
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including scaffolds and scaffold-free approaches, for bone, ligament, muscle, skin, neural, cardiac tissue engineering and tissue vascularization.
  • Devices for healthcare applications, disease modelling and treatment, such as diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip, organs-on-a-chip, bioMEMS, bioelectronics, wearables, actuators, soft robotics, and intelligent drug delivery systems.


with a strong focus on applications of these fields, from bench-to-bedside, for treatment of all diseases and disorders, such as infectious, autoimmune, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurological disorders and cancer; including pharmacology and toxicology studies.

Online ISSN: 2699-9307