Analytical science is an interdisciplinary and rapidly growing field, which is in constant flux with new innovations. It provides enabling tools that are applied in virtually all fields of science, including chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, materials sciences and many other areas. For example, analytical chemistry provides the key enabling technologies today for investigating biological functions and biochemical mechanisms. It is also essential to for the discovery and quantification of emerging contaminants in the environment, among many other applications. Importantly, the field of analytical chemistry encompasses both the development of new methods as well as the application of analytical methods.

Analytical Science AdvancesASA – is a new open-access journal published by Wiley-VCH, which will debut in 2020. Intended to cover all fundamental and applied aspects of analytical sciences - including interdisciplinary and newly emerging areas - ASA aims to advance and rapidly disseminate the latest analytical research and discoveries. Authors can submit analytical articles from any field of science, including biomedical, bioanalytical, biotechnological, clinical and clinical diagnostics, environmental, archeology, food, green chemistry & sustainability, industrial, nutrition, pharmaceutical, forensics, polymer, and omics sciences. ASA will also consider any aspect of analytical science, such as sampling, sample preparation, quality assurance, chemometrics, statistics and data mining, laboratory automation and miniaturization, separation sciences, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, imaging analysis, microscopy, thermal methods, micro & nanoscale systems, software solutions, trace analysis, sensors, surface analysis and diagnostics.

ASA will publish communications, data descriptor, full articles, reviews, minireviews, tutorials, applications notes and perspectives. Please see the Author Guidelines for more information on the manuscript types.

ASA is committed to and expects Data Sharing and Open Data Standards for reporting storage and exchange of analytical data by its authors. 

Online ISSN: 2628-5452
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