The physica status solidi (pss) journal group is devoted to the thorough peer review and the rapid publication of new and important results in all fields of solid state and materials physics, from basic science to applications and devices. Among the largest and most established international publications, the pss journals publish reviews, letters and original articles, as regular content as well as in special issues and topical sections.

physica status solidi (a) – applications and materials science covers modern solid-state physics and physical materials science with an emphasis on materials and device applications. This encompasses the preparation, analysis and description of solid, advanced material systems, nanostructures, films, surfaces and interfaces with respect to electronic, magnetic, optical, thermal, structural and morphological properties, as well as device design and characteristics. Current topics include semiconductor electronics and optoelectronics, organic electronics, photovoltaics, sensors, thermoelectrics, non-volatile memory, resistive switching, spintronics, dielectrics, ferroics and superconductors.

physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, the flagship pss journal, is one of the fastest, double peer-reviewed journals in solid state and materials physics. Average times are 11 days from submission to first editorial decision, and 12 days from acceptance to online publication.

physica status solidi (RRL) Rapid Research Letters is proud to present its new Impact Factor of 3.729 (2019 Journal Citation Reports), proving the journal’s leading position in cutting-edge research publication at record speed. Among the must-read highlights is undoubtedly one of the recent special issues on Antiferromagnetic Spintronics. The parent journals physica status solidi (a) - applications and materials science (IF 1.606) and physica status solidi (b) - basic solid state physics (IF 1.454) continue to provide high-quality content such as the special issue on Single-Electron Control in Solid State Devices and the highly cited report on solar blind photodetectors.

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