Journal of Biophotonics is the first international journal dedicated to publishing original articles and reviews from the exciting field of biophotonics, i.e. the development and application of photonic technologies in particular for (bio)medicine, but also life- and environmental sciences. The journal offers a platform where technology developers (physicists, chemists, engineers, etc.) communicate with endusers (in particular research clinicians) and where the clinical practitioner learns about the latest tools for the diagnosis and therapy of diseases. As such, the journal is highly interdisciplinary, publishing innovative research in the field of light interaction with biological material. The coverage extends from fundamental research to specific developments, while also including the latest applications or clinical trials/case reports.


Fields of Application:

  • Medicine
  • Health
  • Biology
  • Environment and Nutrition

Featured Technologies:

  • Microscopy / Imaging / Endoscopy
    (e.g. general microscopy, fluorescence imaging, vibrational microscopy, optical coherence tomography, photoacoustic imaging, near field microscopy, etc.)
  • Spectroscopy
    (IR, Raman, diffuse optics, fluorescence, luminescence, THz, UV/Vis, light scattering etc.)
  • Photonic therapeutic approaches
    (PDT, laser surgery, LIBS, photo coagulation, etc.)
  • Photonic point-of-care
    (biochips, bioassays, micro-array technology etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence
    (e.g. image analysis, image processing, chemometrics etc.)
Print ISSN: Previously 1864-063X
Online ISSN: 1864-0648