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New Modes

Redefining Practice

Bryant, Chris / Rodgers, Caspar / Wigfall, Tristan (Editor)

Architectural Design


1. Edition August 2024
136 Pages, Additional Downloadable Content
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-32796-7
John Wiley & Sons

New modes of practice are now emerging in architecture. Rural Studio, Exyzt, Muf, Assemble and many more have led the way by challenging conventional ideas of 'The Architect' and reclaiming the notion of architecture as something public that should work ultimately towards the collective good. This quiet revolution is born out of a crisis in the profession and a wider vacuum in the political, environmental and economic situation. On the one hand, architecture as a profession has seen its influence diminish rapidly over the last 50 years through privatisation and the dominance of finance, while on the other hand it has also lacked collective courage and readiness to evolve. Without necessarily being aware of each other, studios around the world are now redefining the profession of architecture as something more proactive, self-aware and political. They are broadening their skill sets and becoming deeply involved in their projects, initiating them themselves, financing them and running them. Though much of this work is dealing with local issues at a relatively small scale, it is inherently ambitious with global application.
* Contributors include: Shumi Bose, Indy Johar, Alison Killing, Douglas Murphy, and Finn Williams
* Featured architects: Aterlier d'Architecture Autogérée (AAA), adamo-faiden; Baupiloten, Grupo Toma, Hector, Inteligencias Colectivas, raumlaborberlin, studioBASAR, Studio GutGut, Taller Ken, and We Made That.

Chris Bryant worked at Arup Associates and Make Architects, before co-founding the Alma-nac in London in 2010. His theoretical work has been widely published. Alongside teaching Architecture at Birmingham University, Chris chairs the RIBA Small Practice Panel and the Guerilla Tactics event.

Caspar Rodgers worked with practices in the UK, Australia and Japan, including Sean Godsell, Foster + Partners and Ian Simpsons Architects, before co-founding Alma-nac. He has had his writing published in various books and periodicals, including Icon, Blueprint and Wallpaper. He teaches Architecture at Oxford Brookes University.

Tristan Wigfall worked at a range of practices in both North America and the UK, including Cullinan Studio and Cottrell and Vermeulen, before co-founding Alma-nac. Alma-nac is an ideas-driven, research-based practice.