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Advances in Computational Dynamics of Particles, Materials and Structures

Har, Jason / Tamma, Kumar


July 2012
710 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-0-470-74980-7
John Wiley & Sons

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Computational methods for the modeling and simulation of thedynamic response and behavior of particles, materials andstructural systems have had a profound influence on science,engineering and technology. Complex science and engineeringapplications dealing with complicated structural geometries andmaterials that would be very difficult to treat using analyticalmethods have been successfully simulated using computational tools.With the incorporation of quantum, molecular and biologicalmechanics into new models, these methods are poised to play an evenbigger role in the future.

Advances in Computational Dynamics of Particles, Materialsand Structures not only presents emerging trends and cuttingedge state-of-the-art tools in a contemporary setting, but alsoprovides a unique blend of classical and new and innovativetheoretical and computational aspects covering both particledynamics, and flexible continuum structural dynamicsapplications. It provides a unified viewpoint and encompassesthe classical Newtonian, Lagrangian, and Hamiltonian mechanicsframeworks as well as new and alternative contemporary approachesand their equivalences in [start italics]vector and scalarformalisms[end italics] to address the various problems inengineering sciences and physics.

Highlights and key features
* Provides practical applications, from a unifiedperspective, to both particle and continuum mechanics offlexible structures and materials
* Presents new and traditional developments, as well as alternateperspectives, for space and time discretization
* Describes a unified viewpoint under the umbrella of Algorithmsby Design for the class of linear multi-step methods
* Includes fundamentals underlying the theoretical aspects andnumerical developments, illustrative applications and practiceexercises

The completeness and breadth and depth of coverage makesAdvances in Computational Dynamics of Particles, Materials andStructures a valuable textbook and reference for graduatestudents, researchers and engineers/scientists working in the fieldof computational mechanics; and in the general areas ofcomputational sciences and engineering.

Dr. Kumar K. Tamma is Professor in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technology, at the University of Minnesota. He is also Director of the Laboratory for Multi-scale Physics, Mechanics, Materials and Modeling.He has published over 170 research papers in leading archival journals in the field, and over 225 in refereed conference proceedings/book chapters, and national/international conference abstracts. His primary areas of research include computational mechanics with emphasis on multi-scale/multi-physics and fluid-thermal-structural interactions; structural dynamics and contact-impact-penetration; computational aspects of microscale/nanoscale heat transfer; composites and manufacturing processes and solidification and computational development of finite element technology and time dependent algorithms.

Dr. Jason Har is a Research Associate working with Professor Tamma at the University of Minnesota. He received his Ph.D from Georgia Tech. His areas of research are finite element developments, computational structural dynamics and mechanics.

J. Har, University of Minnesota; K. Tamma, University of Minnesota