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Conquer the Chaos

The 6 Keys to Success for Entrepreneurs

Mask, Clate


2. Edition March 2024
272 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-21738-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Make your small business work for you with this expert guide on entrepreneurship

In the newly revised second edition of Conquer the Chaos, celebrated author and CEO of Keap, a world-leading provider of marketing automation software for small business, Clate Mask, delivers yet another incisive and exciting roadmap to entrepreneurial success for small business owners. The book offers six non-negotiable, must-have strategies for entrepreneurs, as well as an engaging mix of stories, quotes, anecdotes, and examples that highlight businesspeople who have successfully confronted and overcome the daunting challenges that accompany self-employment.

You'll also find:
* A brand-new section on lifecycle automation and work, as well as work-life balance as a business owner
* How to avoid becoming trapped by your business and, instead, find time, money, and freedom in your entrepreneurial journey
* Strategies to move beyond surviving in your small business and begin growing and evolving

An extraordinary take on small business ownership and entrepreneurship from someone who's been on the frontlines of a growing company, Conquer the Chaos is a must-have resource for anyone hoping to get more money, more enjoyment, and more flexibility out of their company.

Foreword xi

Preface xv

Part 1 The Entrepreneur's Quest for Success 1

1 The Entrepreneurial Revolution 3

The Purpose of This Book 7

A Better Way of Life for Entrepreneurs 9

The Entrepreneurial Revolution Defined 10

The Loss of Security: Corporate Distrust 12

The Power Shift: The Internet Age 12

The Promise of Something Better: The Overnight Success Story 13

The COVID Effect 15

2 The Quest for Success 19

The Entrepreneur's Hierarchy of Success 21

Money 23

Time 24

Control 25

Impact 26

Freedom 27

The Real Definition of Success 28

The Stages of Small Business Growth 30

3 Chaos and the Dark Side of Entrepreneurship 39

What Is Small Business Chaos? 42

The Chaos Continues 47

You're Wearing All the Hats 47

You Don't Know How to Grow 48

You Are Growing--The Wrong Way 49

You're Drowning in Technology 49

You Lack a Clear, Central, Guiding Focus 51

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship 52

Ego Is the Enemy 54


Introducing the Six Keys to Conquer the Chaos 56

The Personal Keys: Mindset, Vision, Rhythm 57

The Business Keys: Strategy, Automation, Leadership 57

Part 2 The Personal Keys to Success 61

4 Mindset 63

Cultivating a Mindset of Success 67

Your Emotional Capital Bank Account 72

Disciplined Optimism 74

The Three Components of Disciplined Optimism 75

Entrepreneurial Independence 78

5 Vision 85

Why and How Does the Imbalance Happen? 88

The Evolution of Life Vision 90

The Five Parts of Your Life Vision 92

Guidelines for Lifetime Goals 96

Putting Together the Vision Puzzle Pieces 97

6 Rhythm 101

The Rhythm of Execution Defined 105

The Rhythmic Habits and Schedule 108

Start Small: The Three Transformative Habits 114

Goal Setting the SMART Way 115

Wrapping Up the Three Personal Keys to Success 118

Part 3 The Business Keys to Success 121

7 Strategy 123

Company Strategy 127

Customer Strategy 132

The Three Phases of the Customer Lifecycle 134

Follow- up 135

The Fundamentals of Follow- up 137

The Seven Secrets to Double or Triple Your Sales 140

Back to the Basics of Customer Lifecycle 143

8 Automation 149

What to Automate 155

From Manual to Automated 158

The Typical Lead Generation and Conversion Process 160

The Automated Lead Generation and Conversion Process 161

What Else Can You Automate? 166

New Client Follow-up 166

Reviews and Referrals 167

Repeat Business 168

Billing and Collections 168

Workflow 169

Micro Automations 170

Pro Tips on Automation 170

9 Leadership 175

Think Like a CEO 179

The Three Jobs of a CEO 180

Conscious Capitalism 182

The Enlightened Entrepreneur 183

Set the Vision 184

Build the Team 188

Build the Team: Developing the Organization 188

Build the Team: Developing the People 192

Get the Resources 196

Part 4 Putting the Keys into Practice 201

10 Changing for Good 203

The 10 Principles of Practice 206

The Ego TRAPS That Catch Entrepreneurs 212

Timidity 212

Resignation 213

Ambition 214

Pride 215

Sabotage 216

Guarding Against Ego TRAPS 217

11 Keep Going 221

The Keep Going Story 223

Keep Serving 226

Keep Growing 227

Final Words of Guidance 228

Appendix: Keap Small Business Resources 233

References 237

Acknowledgments 239

About the Author 241

Index 243
CLATE MASK, the entrepreneur's guide, is the CEO of Keap, the leader in small business automation software for 6, 7, and 8-figure businesses. He is the co-author of the first edition of Conquer the Chaos and the company he leads has won numerous awards for their software and service to entrepreneurs.