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U.S. History For Dummies

Wiegand, Steve


4. Edition April 2019
464 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-55069-3
John Wiley & Sons

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Don't miss a moment of U.S. history

The United States is undergoing a period of intense political and social change. From the rise of the Tea Party, to social media's effect on American life and politics, this new edition fills in the gaps of this Nation's story.

Award-winning political journalist and history writer Steve Wiegand guides you through the events that shaped our nation, from pre-Columbian civilizations to the 21st century. The explorers, the wars, the leaders, and the eras are all fully explored and explained, demonstrating how the past influences the future.
* Explore the deepening divide between the very wealthy and the poor and middle class
* Get to know the deep and bitter divisions between political parties and even geographic regions of the country, including the 2016 election results
* Understand the country's delicate--and precarious--position as the world's preeminent economic, military, and political power.
* Get online access to quizzes that help you master the content for every chapter

U.S. History For Dummies, 4th Edition makes U.S. history accessible for students and lifelong learners alike.

Introduction 1

Part 1: Getting Started With U.S History 5

Chapter 1: America: A Short Biography 7

Chapter 2: Native Americans and Explorers: 14,000 BC (?)-1607 21

Chapter 4: You Say You Want a Revolution: 1700-1775 53

Chapter 5: Yankee Doodlin': 1775-1783 71

Chapter 6: Blueprints and Birth Pains: 1783-1800 85

Part 2: Growing Pains 97

Chapter 7: "Long Tom" and One Weird War: 1800-1815 99

Chapter 8: Pulling Together to Keep from Falling Apart: 1815-1844 117

Chapter 9: War, Gold, and a Gathering Storm: 1845-1860 139

Chapter 10: A Most Uncivil War: 1861-1865 155

Chapter 11: Putting the Country Back Together: 1865-1876 171

Part 3: Coming of Age 185

Chapter 12: Growing Up: 1876-1898 187

Chapter 13: Growing into the 20th Century: 1899-1918 205

Chapter 14: Gin, Jazz, and Lucky Lindy: 1919-1929 221

Chapter 15: Uncle Sam's Depressed: 1930-1940 239

Chapter 16: The World at War: 1941-1945 255

Part 4: America in Adulthood 273

Chapter 17: TV, Elvis, and Reds under the Bed: 1946-1960 275

Chapter 18: Camelot to Watergate: 1961-1974 291

Chapter 19: Hold the Malaise, or, Ayatollah So: 1975-1992 307

Chapter 20: No Sex, Please, I'm the President: 1993-1999 323

Part 5: Facing the New Millennium 335

Chapter 21: Terror Comes Home; America Goes to War(s) 337

Chapter 22: Recessions Can Be Really Depressing 351

Chapter 23: Reforming Healthcare Is No Tea Party 365

Chapter 24: America Disagrees with Itself 379

Chapter 25: This New America 393

Part 6: The Part of Tens 407

Chapter 26: Ten Innovations That Made It Easier to Be Lazy 409

Chapter 27: Ten U.S Presidents Who Were, Well, Average 415

Part 7: The Appendixes 421
Steve Wiegand is an award-winning political journalist and history writer. Over a 35-year career, he worked as a reporter and columnist at the San Diego Evening Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and Sacramento Bee. He is the author or coauthor of seven books dealing with various aspects of U.S. and world history.