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An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology

Peeters, Maria C. W. / de Jonge, Jan / Taris, Toon (Editor)


2. Edition January 2024
624 Pages, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-119-88736-2
John Wiley & Sons

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A fully updated edition of the definitive textbook

Work psychology is the study of work behavior and the psychological dimensions that both produce and result from it. It has developed in recent decades into a field that takes a comprehensive view of 21st century workers and their psychological context and condition. Now fully updated to reflect the latest research and practical insights, it promises to continue as an indispensable resource for advanced courses in work psychology.

Readers of the second edition of An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology will find:
* Chapters written by a global team of experts
* Overview of classic and current theories that comprise Work Psychology
* Detailed discussion of topics such as leadership, emotion work, sustainable careers, job crafting and the future of work
* A unique focus on positive aspects of work, including motivation, engagement, personal resources and positive workplace interventions

An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology is ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in work psychology courses, as well as for students or researchers looking for a reference or introduction to the subject.

"Understanding work from various psychological perspectives has become highly relevant for all those involved and interested in the diverse and changing nature of work-life. This book is a treasury of what is important to know of current work psychology. It is timely, comprehensive, and enjoyable reading. Editors and authors have done great job and now it is time for readers to enjoy this book and its many perspectives to the world of contemporary work and organizational psychology."
--Jari Hakanen, PhD, Research professor, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

About the Editors viii

List of Contributors ix

Part A Introduction to Work Psychology 1

1 Setting the Scene: People at Work 3
Maria C. W. Peeters, Toon Taris, and Jan de Jonge

2 Research Methods in Work Psychology 30
E. Kevin Kelloway and Arla Day

Part B Theoretical Perspectives 65

3 Motivating Employees Using Self- Determination Theory 67
Anja van den Broeck, Wladislaw Rivkin, and Gavin R. Slemp

4 The Classic Models that Made Psychology Work 88
Jan de Jonge, Kevin Daniels, Pascale M. Le Blanc, and Matthew Davis

5 Current Theoretical Perspectives in Work Psychology 118
Jan de Jonge, Evangelia Demerouti, and Christian Dormann

Part C Demands at Work 145

6 Job Demands 147
Marc van Veldhoven

7 Emotion Work in Organizations 170
Dieter Zapf, Marcel Kern, Franziska Tschan, David Holman, and Norbert K. Semmer

8 Social Stressors in Organizations 190
Ståle Valvatne Einarsen

Part D Resources at Work 213

9 Conservation of Resources Theory 215
Stevan E. Hobfoll, Jean- Pierre Neveu, and Mina Westman

10 Job Resources 235
Christian Dormann, Chris Giebe, and Jan de Jonge

11 Personal Resources 255
Despoina Xanthopoulou and Anne Mäkikangas

Part E Boundaries of Work 277

12 Work-Family Interaction 279
Ulla Kinnunen, Johanna Rantanen, Saija Mauno, and Maria C. W. Peeters

13 Non- Standard Working Arrangements 300
Philip Tucker, Debby G. J. Beckers, Anna Dahlgren, and Sabine A. E. Geurts

14 Recovery from Work Stress 321
Laura Venz, Anne Wöhrmann, Laura Vieten, and Alexandra Michel

Part F The Work Context 345

15 The Psychology of Organizational Leadership 347
Kaylee Somerville and Julian Barling

16 Safety at Work 368
Nik Chmiel and Toon Taris

17 Psychosocial Safety Climate 387
Ali Afsharian, Amy Zadow, Rachael Potter, May Young Loh, Amy Parkin, Cherie Crispin, Jordan Rainbow, and Maureen Dollard

Part G Work Outcomes 409

18 Burnout, Boredom, and Engagement in the Workplace 411
Wilmar B. Schaufeli and Marisa Salanova

19 Work Performance 440
Toon Taris and Tianchang Ji

20 Sickness Absence and Sickness Presence 460
Toon Taris

21 Sustainable Careers and Employability 481
Jos Akkermans, Beatrice van der Heijden, and Ans de Vos

Part H Workplace Interventions 503

22 Prevention and Intervention: Multi-Level Workplace Interventions 505
Karina Nielsen and Anthony D. LaMontagne

23 Job Crafting: A Powerful Job Redesign Approach 524
Evangelia Demerouti and Arnold B. Bakker

24 Positive Workplace Interventions 543
Carolyn M. Youssef- Morgan, Justin W. Carter, and Dale Sundermann

Part I The Future of Work 565

25 Emergent Technologies at Work 567
Maria C. W. Peeters, Gudela Grote, and Sharon K. Parker

Index 586
Maria Peeters, PhD, is an associate professor of Work and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University, and a full professor at the Human Performance Management Group at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Her expertise is in Occupational Health Psychology, with a focus on worker (ill)health, motivation, well-being, and the impact of emerging technologies on job (re)design.

Jan de Jonge, PhD, is a full professor of Work and Sports Psychology at Eindhoven University of Technology, and a visiting professor at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. His expertise is in Work Psychology, Sports Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology, Human Performance Management, and finally Research Methods & Advanced Statistics.

Toon Taris, PhD, is a full professor of Work and Organizational Psychology in the Department of Social, Health and Organizational Psychology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. He has published extensively on occupational health, engagement, workaholism, and many other subjects.