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Financial Literacy for All

Disrupting Struggle, Advancing Financial Freedom, and Building a New American Middle Class

Bryant, John Hope


1. Edition April 2024
224 Pages, Hardcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-394-20902-6
John Wiley & Sons

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A new approach to understanding money and achieving financial fulfillment

Former Vice-Chairman of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, John Hope Bryant, delivers an accessible and powerful resource for everyday Americans seeking to build a strong financial foundation. This book is an easy-to-read first step toward a fulfilling financial future, helping you understand your relationship to work and money, and a key component to untangling the surprisingly simple puzzle of personal finance.

With an insightful foreword by Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Walmart Inc., you'll learn how to create wealth for yourself and your family, regardless of your educational or employment background, and how to establish a financial mindset that contributes to a sound future. You'll also discover:
* The answers to tough money questions, including the actual utility of new financial inventions like cryptocurrency
* How to think about exchanging your time and effort for money and the conditions under which you should agree to work
* Plain-English discussions of the principles of responsible long-term investing and how it differs from speculation

Acting as a critical pillar for those seeking to build a rock-solid financial foundation, Financial Literacy for All is a must-have book for working professionals, blue-collar workers, members of young families, and established businesspeople looking for a better, more secure future for themselves and the ones they care about.

Foreword ix

Prologue xiii

Introduction: America's Upgraded Business Plan 1

Dreams, Decisions, and Destinies 9

Section I What's the Issue and Why Should We Care? 27

Chapter 1 Credit Is a Tool, Not a Toy 29

Chapter 2 The Civil Rights Issue of Our Generation 35

Section II How Did We Get Here? Aka Stories of Broken Capitalism 47

Chapter 3 Broken Capitalism and the Black and Brown People of America 49

Chapter 4 How Poor Whites Got Left Behind 67

Chapter 5 Losing Focus on the Goal: Financial Freedom 73

Chapter 6 The American Dream Deferred 79

Section III Empowerment Through Education 93

Chapter 7 Breaking the Chains: From Fast Money to Lasting Legacy 95

Chapter 8 Educating Our Kids 99

Chapter 9 Educating Our Communities 111

Chapter 10 Educating Our Entrepreneurs 121

Chapter 11 Educating Our Workforce 133

Chapter 12 Elevating Credit Scores and Empowering Dreams 143

Section IV It's a Movement, Not a Moment 151

Chapter 13 Empowerment Through Education 153

Chapter 14 Join the Movement 161

Conclusion: A Ladder for All 165

Epilogue 171

Financial Literacy Resources 177

The Financial Literacy for All Initiative 183

Acknowledgments 189

About The Author 195

Index 199
"Fixing income inequality will reignite the American dream, and John takes aim at one of the biggest challenges of our time in Financial Literacy for All. I share John's optimism that we can help change the world and address our problems with the right skills, tools and knowledge. Drawing on lessons learned from history and his own personal experiences, John creates a powerful business plan for America to drive empowerment through education."
--JAMIE DIMON, CEO, JP Morgan Chase

"I've personally experienced John Hope Bryant and his fierce commitment to empower the underserved and underrepresented by arming them with the building blocks to better. His latest book Financial Literacy for All promises economic shelter in turbulent times! His brilliance and courageous service promises radical reforms for all of us who desperately need fiduciary fidelity and 20/20 focus in the pursuit of strategic goals, for current conquest, as well as future generational equity! It's not a purchase or simply a must read, it's an investment that alters the trajectory of those who dare to dream!"
--BISHOP T.D. JAKES, Senior Pastor of The Potter's House, C.E.O. and Founder of the T. D. Jakes Group

"Our partnership with John Hope Bryant has had a significant impact in the lives of thousands of Delta employees and their families. His innovative, real-world approach to teaching financial literacy, combined with a meaningful investment from the company through our Emergency Savings Program, has equipped them with new skills around budgeting, saving and preparing for life's emergencies. That means less stress, more confidence and a brighter financial future."
--ED BASTIAN, CEO, Delta Air Lines

"Read. Engage. Act. Dive into the inspiring stories and clear-cut advice in this transformative book by John Hope Bryant. Discover how financial literacy can reignite the economic power of communities and neighborhoods. It's more than just numbers - it's a call to action for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow. Are you ready to be part of the solution?"
--SARAH FRIAR, Chief Executive Officer, Nextdoor

"If there was ever the right book for the wrong time, it's this one! Misinformation is at an all time high and financial literacy is at an all time low. As a result, regular folks out there are struggling! Thankfully John Hope Bryant, a man I've known for years as an incredible entrepreneur and philanthropist, has come through with actual and actionable steps people can take to turn their lives around."
--CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD, Media Mogul, Bestselling Author, TV and Radio Host

"In Financial Literacy for All, John Bryant lays out a compelling and actionable case for imbedding financial literacy education in our schools, workplaces, and broader communities. He paints a clear picture of the role of financial literacy in strengthening our collective economic fabric."
--BRYAN JORDAN, Chairman, President & CEO, First Horizon Corporation

"In this deeply inspiring book, John Hope Bryant uses history, case studies, and poignant personal experiences to explain why a national emphasis on financial literacy is one of the greatest opportunities our generation has to inspire and build better lives and communities. Insightful, educational, and empowering, this work is an important call to action."
--BILL ROGERS, Truist Financial Corp. Chairman & CEO

"John Hope Bryant is a modern-day prophet. He has riveted our collective attention to the critical importance of financial literacy. Inspired by his own personal journey, this book provides a fabulous guide for how we can create a movement for financial literacy that benefits everyone."
--TIM WELSH, Vice Chair, Consumer & Business Banking, U.S. Bancorp

"John Hope Bryant has written an invaluable guide designed to help traditionally underserved individuals and communities achieve financial literacy, independence and success. Today we're seeing increasing disparities in income inequality and financial opportunity for people and communities across America--even as the emergence of new technologies and ideas are leading to exciting new economic advancements for many. This book will be a vital resource in helping to advance financial literacy for everyone, with the goal of leading to significantly increased economic freedom, security and independence."
--BOB PITTMAN, Chairman and CEO, iHeartMedia, Inc.

"Far too many of our citizens have lost hope in the American dream. Almost two thirds of our population struggle to make ends meet at the end of every month. Financial Literacy for All provides an illuminating roadmap towards addressing some of the most crucial issues facing our nation, so that everyone can achieve a degree of financial wellness."
--DAN SCHULMAN, Former President and CEO, PayPal

"In his new book, Financial Literacy for All, John Hope Bryant shares what he's learned after his three decades advocating for broader economic opportunity, including the compelling stories that continue to motivate him. John's book is a great read and a roadmap for a more economically inclusive, and better future for all."
--CHELSEA CLINTON, Author, Advocate and Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

"For too long we have not educated our children on how to deal with life-altering financial decisions. This book has the potential to inform and inspire a positive change in financial literacy in our country. There needs to be a new conversation to equip our children with the tools they need to be financially literate. John Hope Bryant takes the communication tools that he has perfected and applies them to this goal."
-- U.S. SENATOR BILL CASSIDY, (R) State of Louisiana
JOHN HOPE BRYANT is an American entrepreneur, and sought-after thought and philanthropic leader, who is referred to as the Conscience of Capitalism by leading Fortune 100 CEOs. Bryant is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Operation HOPE, Inc. the largest not-for-profit and best-in-class provider of financial literacy, financial inclusion and economic empowerment tools and services in the United States for youth and adults. Operation HOPE is working to level the opportunity playing field, connecting communities to the private sector, through inclusive capitalism, at scale.

Bryant is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of John Hope Bryant Holdings, Bryant Group Ventures and Executive Chairman of The Promise Homes Company (Promise Homes), the largest for-profit minority-controlled owner of institutional-quality, single-family residential rental homes in the U.S.