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Starting Research in Clinical Education

Rees, Eliot L. / Ledger, Alison / Walker, Kim A. (Editor)


1. Edition November 2023
320 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-86198-0
John Wiley & Sons

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Starting Research in Clinical Education

A practical guide to clinical education research with top tips, common pitfalls and ethical issues.

Starting Research in Clinical Education is written by a global team of experienced and emerging clinical education researchers who have a wealth of knowledge designing rigorous research projects and expertise in contemporary methods.

Covering a broad spectrum of methods used by clinical education researchers, the book is split into five parts: research design, evidence synthesis and mixed methods research, qualitative research, quantitative research and succeeding in clinical education research. These sections are also accompanied by a companion website which provides further resources. The methods discussed are illustrated with real life examples and case studies to support the reader in designing their own project.

The new edition includes information on:
* Getting started in clinical education research, constructing a research question, clarifying research paradigms and design, using educational theory, involving stakeholders, sampling and recruiting participants and conducting ethical research
* Evidence synthesis, realist research, mixed methods research, action research and emerging possibilities in online data collection
* Interviews and focus groups, visual elicitation, ethnography, narrative research, thematic analysis and struggles new researchers often face in qualitative research
* Survey research, experimental methods, statistical analysis and big data
* Maximising opportunities, project management, writing dissertations, writing for publication, research dissemination and career development

This edition is designed to support those new to clinical education research, including those undertaking intercalated or postgraduate degrees in clinical, medical, dental or health professions education.

List of contributors vii

Foreword xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgements xv

Companion website xvii

Part I: Research design

1 Getting started in clinical education research 3
Jennifer Routh and Robert K. McKinley

2 Constructing a research question 13
Megan Anakin, Joanne Robertson-Smith, and Tim J. Wilkinson

3 Clarifying research paradigms and design 21
J. Cristian Rangel, Meredith Young, and Lara Varpio

4 Using educational theory in research and scholarship 31
Clare Morris and Nick Schindler

5 Involving stakeholders 39
Katherine A. Moreau, Catherine M. Giroux, and Kaylee Eady

6 Sampling and recruiting participants 47
Jennifer Cleland, Kirsty Alexander, and Amudha Poobalan

7 Conducting ethical research 57
Anne-Marie Reid and Susan Jamieson

Part II: Evidence synthesis and mixed methods

8 Evidence syntheses: choosing an approach 69
Catherine M. Giroux, Susanne Mak, Rebecca Ataman, and Aliki Thomas

9 Evidence synthesis: key steps and design considerations 79
Claire Duddy and Sophie Park

10 Realist research: unpicking the influence of context 89
Claire Duddy and Geoff Wong

11 Mixed methods research: the sum is greater than the parts 99
Catherine Scarff, Christy Noble, Koshila Kumar, and Wendy Hu

12 Action research: improving clinical education programmes 107
Janet Lefroy and Emma Collins

13 Online data collection: emerging possibilities 115
Dominique Harz and Kristina Dzara

Part III: Qualitative research

14 Interviews and focus groups: guided conversations 127
Lucy Wallis, Becky Petley, and Rachel Locke

15 Visual elicitation: techniques for digging deeper in qualitative interviews 137
Gerard J. Gormley, Sayra Cristancho, and Katherine Crook

16 Ethnography: sense and sensibilities in conducting fieldwork 145
Lisa Dikomitis and Brianne Wenning

17 Narrative research: from the general to the particular 155
Kathleen E. Leedham-Green, Alexandra Wright, and Giskin Day

18 Approaches to thematic analysis: becoming a knowing researcher 165
Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke

19 Behind the scenes of qualitative analysis: learning from new researchers' struggles 175
Anne de la Croix, Malou Stoffels, and Jan Willem Grijpma

Part IV: Quantitative research

20 Survey research: uses and misuses 183
Patrick G. Corr, Radwa Aly, and Anthony R. Artino, Jr.

21 Experimental methods: more than simply testing hypotheses 191
Peter Yeates and Rebecca Edwards

22 Statistical analysis: unpacking uncertainty 201
Christy K. Boscardin, H. Carrie Chen, and Justin L. Sewell

23 Big data: where to start and what to expect 213
Milou Silkens, Asta Medisauskaite, and Chris McManus

Part V: Succeeding in clinical education research

24 Maximising opportunities and overcoming challenges 227
Susil Pallikadavath and Simon Gay

25 Managing your project 235
Michelle D. Lazarus and Georgina C. Stephens

26 Writing your dissertation 245
Frederick Speyer, Benjamin Davies, and Sarah Yardley

27 Writing for publication 253
Amaya Ellawala and Aileen Barrett

28 Disseminating your findings 261
Jonathan Guckian and Teresa Chan

29 Developing your career 271
Gillian Vance, Sarah Simpson, Sue Jackson, and Richard Conn

Conclusion 283

Index 285
Dr. Eliot L. Rees, Lecturer in Medical Education, Keele University, UK; National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Academic Clinical Fellow in General Practice, University College London, UK; and Education Research Committee, Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)

Dr. Alison Ledger, Associate Professor of Medical Education, University of Queensland, Australia; Chair, Education Research Committee, Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME).

Dr. Kim A. Walker, Senior Lecturer, University of Aberdeen, UK; and Director of Publications, Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME).

E. L. Rees, Keele University, UK; A. Ledger, University of Queensland, Australia; K. A. Walker, University of Aberdeen, UK