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The Nurse's Handbook of Spiritual Care

Cone, Pamela / Giske, Tove


1. Edition September 2022
224 Pages, Softcover
Wiley & Sons Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-119-89077-5
John Wiley & Sons

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The Nurse's Handbook of Spiritual Care

The Nurse's Handbook of Spiritual Care helps nurses develop a high level of competence in spiritual and existential care as an important part of holistic nursing.

Every patient and situation a nurse encounters is unique, and spiritual relationships can be expressed and met in a variety of ways. This handbook covers the fundamentals of spiritual care, written to inspire and challenge the reader. It provides a space for reflection and encourages lifelong learning. The authors present a new teaching-learning theory--the learning spiral--to enable and empower readers to 'tune in' to patients and work to soothe spiritual suffering and existential pain, ultimately facilitating patient well-being.

Sample topics covered in The Nurse's Handbook of Spiritual Care include:
* What is spiritual care, the spiritual as part of whole person care including existential challenges, value based matters, and religious considerations and practices
* Exercises to get better acquainted with yourself, such as working with your own view of life and personal story, and how to prepare yourself to go outside your comfort zone
* Spiritual care skills and competencies, features and qualifications of the helper, and moving from student to lifelong learning as a nurse

Acknowledgement sxi

Preface xii

About the Authors xvi

Chapter 1 Basics of Spirituality and Spiritual Care 1

What is Spiritual Care? 1

Spirit - Breath of Life 4

Spiritual Care 7

The Spiritual as Part of Whole Person Care 12

Existential Questions 14

Religion, Rituals, and Faith Practices 16

Life- View 25

Why Spiritual Care is Important in Nursing Care 26

Our Professional Responsibility for Spiritual Care 30

Spiritual Care as a Difficult Topic 34

One Learning Spiral in Three Phases 36

References 38

Chapter 2 Preparing for Spiritual Care 45

Knowing Yourself and Your Own History 46

Background and Context Matter 49

Knowing Yourself at a Deeper Level 51

Exercises to get Better Acquainted with Yourself 53

Drawing Your Life Tree 54

Working With Your Own View of Life and Personal Story 55

Becoming Aware of Values in Your Own Life 57

The Art of Asking Good Questions 60

Two Simple Questions 62

Question Guides for Spiritual Care 63

Preparing for the "I- Don't- Know- What- To- Do" Situations 69

What Signal Do You Send Out? 71

General and Special Competence in Spiritual Care 74

References 78

Chapter 3 Connecting: Recognizing and Following up Spiritual Encounters 83

The Importance of Rapport Building 84

Determining the Need for Spiritual Care 86

Willing to go Outside Your Comfort Zone 87

Building Trusting Relationships 89

Tuning in to the Spiritual Domain 92

Unveiling Important Concerns 94

Facilitating the Healing Process 100

Documenting Spiritual Concerns 105

Different Conditions That Affect Spirituality 107

From Connection to Reflection 110

References 111

Chapter 4 Reflecting and Growing Personally and Professionally 115

Dimensions and Levels of Reflection 116

Reflecting on What Went Well 118

Reflecting on What Did Not Go Well 123

Developing Self- Understanding Through Reflection 124

Activity for Internal Reflection and Dialogue 125

From Storytelling to Critical Reflection 130

Ending Unfinished Stories 135

Reflecting on What You Know and What You Need to Learn 138

Spiritual Care Skills and Competencies 138

Features and Qualifications of the Helper 143

Moving from Student to Nurse 146

References 147

Chapter 5 Lifelong Learning, Self-Care, and Workplace Care 151

Lifelong Learning 152

Spiritual Care Educational Standard for Nursing Competency in Spiritual Care 153

Tips for Nursing Educators 156

Self- Care for Nurses 162

Self- Care Skills and Strategies 163

Avoid Burnout 169

Develop Coping Strategies 172

Learn Assertiveness 174

Mitigate Bullying 175

Workplace Care: Creating a Welcoming and Healing Environment 178

Suggested Resources 181

Online Resources 183

Bullying in Nursing 183

Creating a Healing Environment 183

Self- Care in Nursing 183

EPICC Spiritual Care Competency Self- Assessment Tool 184

References 188

Further Readings 194

Index 196
Pamela Cone has been a nurse since 1974 and a nurse educator for 31 years. She is a Professor in graduate level nursing and has taught courses in nursing theory, research, international health, and writing, at Azusa Pacific University, California, USA.

Tove Giske has been a nurse since 1982 and worked in nursing education for more than 30 years. She is a Professor of Nursing and works as a researcher and educator at VID Specialized University, Faculty of Health Studies, Bergen. Dr. Giske is a member of the EPICC network and leader of excellence in the research project Spiritual Care Education and Practice Development.